Your Own Community on WordPress – My Interview with Merav Knafo of Peepso WPCP: 079

Today I have the pleasure of chatting with the team from Peepso: the founder, Merav, Eric the project designer, and Matt the lead developer.

I’m going to be completely transparent and tell you I was SUPER thrilled to talk to Merav not only because she’s awesome (as is Peepso), but because it was great to talk to a woman who has founded a software company and is doing it well ( of course Eric & Matt are awesome too :-). Next time I’ll have to interview them in person, since they’re in Indonesia!)

Merav, Eric, and Matt worked together on Jomsocial over the years so the transition to working together on Peepso.  Merav had been involved with Joomla since around the time it started. Right after Merav discovered Joomla, she bought the domain name where she has been creating extensions for Joomla ever since. Eric originally got a BA in English in college, then worked his way up in IT. He then started working for Jompsocial where he became a project manager. Matt used to be a freelance developer for years, then he got involved with Joomla during the first few months it came out. He then met the owner of Jumpsocial and began working there, where he met Merav. When Merav saw how well Eric and Matt worked together she knew that the three of them would make a great team on Peepso.

Peepso allows people who use word press to have their social media inside their own site. So instead of sending people to your Facebook to connect with you there, they can connect with you on your website.

Questions I Asked:

  •  What is Peepso?
  • What made Merav decide to launch Peepso?
  • Why did Merav choose to use the “free-mium” pricing model instead of a full-fledged suite?
  • What challenges did Merav face when creating her business?
  • What has been the response in the WordPress community?
  • What advice would Merav, Matt, and Eric give to someone who wants to have their premium developed?

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Why it’s important to keep people on your site to connect with you instead of sending them to other sites.
  • How Merav overcame working with a community that expects most products to be free.
  • The many features of Peepso.
  • How different companies have been able to use Peepso.
  • The value of community sites opposed to Facebook groups.

Where to Connect with Merav

Website | Facebook | Twitter

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