Your 1 Page Marketing Plan – Interview with Allan Dib WPCP: 124

Allan Dib

Get New Customers, Make More Money, And Stand Out From The Crowd

Anyone who has ever written a business plan (or attempted to), knows it’s not a simple process (I had originally written not a ‘fun’ process, but who knows, maybe this is something you enjoy?).

I had to write a formal business plan once.

And that was enough.

It was when I was getting ready to open a physical retail Scrapbook store with a business partner. We found our location and the property management company wanted a business plan. We had plenty of research, examples of products, scrapbooking in general and we had our appointment set. So I went to the office store and bought a software program to write the business plan (this was way back in 1998… so what was available online pales in comparison to what you can find today). It took me 8 hours to plug through the entire ‘fill in the blank’ business plan.

Of course most of what I projected was just that… projections.

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I probably could have zipped through the program in a quarter of the time had I known the property management company was just going to ‘skim’ through the business plan (in fact I probably could have written some of my answers in another language and they wouldn’t have noticed… but we’ll leave that alone).

Which is why I was SUPER excited when I came across the 1 Page Marketing Plan by Allan Dib.

Once you listen to how Allan changed his own business through creating a 1 Page Marketing Plan you’re going to want to jump in and grab the book.

Questions I Asked Allan

  1. Before we get into the book, can you share your journey here (what you were doing before you launched your business – how you got into marketing)
  2. When did you get into online marketing?
  3. Let’s talk about your book, The 1-Page Marketing Plan.
    What inspired you to write the book?
  4. I love the tagline of the book… “Get New Customers, Make More Money, And Stand Out From the Crowd”…
    In the book you talk about “the fastest path to money”… which I love, because there’s SO much noise online about passion, etc. , which is important, but it’s hard to do that work if you don’t have any money.
  5. What is the 1-page marketing plan?
  6. Let’s talk about the wrong type of business plan… can you share a little bit about that with the listeners?
    (strategy vs. tactics)
  7. I’m assuming that a lot of people listening to this show are not large agencies… what is one thing they could start implementing today that would make the biggest difference?

What You’re Going to Learn

  • How Allan went from being a typical geek to writing a book
  • Why being good at what you do doesn’t matter (hint: you have to be able to market yourself)
  • How the process of creating a business plan helps your business
  • Why you need to be comfortable with being in business to make money (as well as follow your passion0
  • How focusing on marketing changed Allan’s business
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Where to Connect with Allan

Website | Twitter | Buy the Book


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