Write to The Heart of Your Business- My Interview with Christine Sheehy WPCP: 076

So excited to have Christine Sheehy on the podcast today! Christine and I met about two years ago through a Mastermind course and we really connected. 

She started her career as a lawyer, but always found herself drawn to the writing aspect of law.  After having her daughter, she got into working with corporate clients with their communication needs and helping them focus on creating impact in their businesses.  She soon realized what she really loved was connecting with the individuals within these businesses.  Christine then moved into copywriting coaching – helping her clients identify their unique skills and communicate their ideas and value on their websites. 

Questions I Asked Christine:

  • Was there a struggle when she decided to leave her legal work?
  • What are some common mistakes clients make when it comes to writing?
  • What work do your clients have to do when working with you?
  • How does someone begin to share their ‘business’ story?
  • What is one thing she wishes people would do when it comes to writing for their business?
  • What are some different ways someone can work with her?

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Why it’s important to not only be professional but to also be yourself.
  • You don’t need to be ‘bigger’ than who you are to have credibility.
  • The importance of being clear about exactly what you do.
  • Why you just need to show up and do the work.
  • How to be confident in what you’re doing and understand how to differentiate yourself from other people in the same field. 

Where to Connect with Christine

Christine’s Website

Write to the Heart of Your Business on Facebook

Christine on Twitter

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