WPCP 005: Let's Talk Money! Interview with Nicole Fende

The Numbers Whisperer

The Numbers Whisperer

This was a REALLY fun interview… even the third time around!

Talk about challenges. Oy Vey.

This is the third time I interviewed Nicole Fende, The Numbers Whisperer, for my podcast! Talk about patient, huh? Fortunately for me Nicole is SUPER patient and was willing to go for “third times a charm” so I could get this published!

The reason I had asked Nicole if I could interview her for the podcast is because she has such a unique way of helping people with money. I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely had my fair share of money challenges (and blessings). Starting a couple of years ago I make a commitment to myself to really look at the way I felt about money, how I handled it, what baggage I had around money and what old beliefs I was carrying that didn’t serve me (or my business).

How to Be A Finance Rockstar

In the interview I mention Nicole’s book “How to Be A Finance Rock Star” and the ONE equation that shifted everything for me.

And I mean everything.

4 simple numbers that produce the “amount you must earn, net of all expenses, for every hour you spend on revenue generating activities”. Pretty powerful stuff (btw, I’ve bought a LOT of finance books and this is without a doubt my favorite!). The interview isn’t solely about Nicole’s book though, it’s so much more.

One of my favorite questions I ask when I talk to fellow entrepreneurs is “how did you get to where you are?” I’m fascinated by the journey, what was the catalyst for change that made them decide to leave a job or simply start their business. So of course we cover this too.


Nicole has a VERY cool new project she’s launching with a friend called “Magpies & Money”. This is without a doubt one of the most creative and interesting projects I’ve ever heard of when it comes to dealing with finances. She’s partnered with a jewelry artisan and they’re teaching finance and jewelry making! Now, I know you might be wondering what the bucket this has to do with business and finances (or WordPress for that matter), but what I want to point out is that she’s created a very unique way of connecting with a different audience. You’ll hear Nicole mention a couple other things that are on the horizon for The Numbers Whisperer as well and I think you’ll see that you don’t need to create training and products that feel like they’ve “been there, done that”. 

Succeeding in business, whether it’s online or offline (or both), is ALL about relationships. Relationships with your customers, clients, peers, team, support network, personal relationships… you get the point. My challenge to you would be to see if you can take a relationship you have and develop something that might be a little outside of the box, but feels right. And don’t worry if nothing comes to you, just be open to what shows up and I think you’ll be surprised.

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Magpies and Money

How to Be A Finance Rockstar

Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income – Income Report (we discussed income reports at the end of the show)

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  1. This is the second time today that I have heard the word “Actuary” it is one of the top ranked careers, according to the radio show I listened to today. ;0)

    1. Thanks Steve,
      Of the 3 interviews we did, this was probably the best, haha. Practice makes perfect.
      I really appreciate you listening.

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