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This is “officially” the first interview for my podcast! I say “officially” because I had recorded another interview last fall but wasn’t ready to get the podcast going, so I’ll be re-recording an updated version of that interview for an upcoming podcast.

Back to “The Business of Web Design” interview with Nina East.

Nina East

Nina and I connected a few years ago through this site (well, a previous version of this site. ;-)) when she contacted me to have me create a banner for her site that was similar to my previous banner that had my “Chick” in it (she had a different “Chick”). Mind you, Nina had to remind me because for the life of me I could NOT remember how we had connected. We’ve stayed in touch over the last few years, have a book we’re working on together (think the “little book that wouldn’t quit”… I think I can, I think I can…) that will be coming out later this year and have simply supported one another in our businesses through the years.

When Nina asked me if I’d like to participate and support “The Business of Web Design” we hopped on Skype immediately so she could tell me more about the event, the speakers and find out how I could contribute. Once we started chatting and I heard how passionate Nina was about truly helping people I decided it would be great if we did a podcast interview so you could hear where she was coming from.

One of the BIGGEST benefits to attending a multi-speaker event such as “The Business of Web Design” is that you’re getting different perspectives on the same business! Each speaker is speaking about a different element of Web Design, but you may find that you resonate with one model or method more than another and finally get that piece of “A-HA!”, I’m NOT the only one who wants to run my business this way or I’m not the only one who has had pricing issues (and I don’t know anyone in business who hasn’t had pricing issues at one time or another).

In the show you’re going to hear Nina talk about how her business evolved (this is always one of my favorite pieces… I love hearing how people went from where they were to where they are! ), what she’s learned along the way and how the telesummit came about.

You need to head over to “The Business of Web Design” to get the full line-up of speakers and schedule, but here’s a brief overview of some of the things you’re going to learn:

Creating Passive and Leveraged Income

Steps to Success

Building Your Brand (by moi)

Growing your business into a 6-Figure Business (with multiple players)

Critical Legal Issues

Business Finance!

Mistakes to Avoid

You can see that this is a GREAT line up of topics, being presented by some awesome speakers who have paved the way and learned through trial and error so you don’t have to!

As always, I’d love your comments, feedback, and a review in iTunes if you’re up for it! (And I apologize in advance that my audio isn’t that great. Like a ding dong, I used my Logitech headset for this skype call instead of my mic & headset that I use for the regular podcast. Total brain fart! But you can hear everything clearly).

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  1. Great, great interview. I’ve listened a couple of times. Nina has some great tips for people in the web business – especially around having the right mindset. Love it!

    1. Thanks Carrie!
      Nina is really doing a great job helping web designers. I know personally I get in my own way ALL the time! 😉 Well, much less than I used to, but it takes conscious choice and consistency.

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