WPCP: 002 – Relationships, Contemplation and What's coming for The WordPress Chick

WordPress-Chick-PodcastTo say the last couple of weeks has been a wild ride would be an understatement, but it’s all been good. Definitely ups and downs, but fortunately the downs haven’t been bad. Just contemplative. I’ve been contemplating a lot about my business lately so I decided it would be a perfect topic for my next podcast.Β  You can read more about what spurred all this in my recent post, “Is it time to move on?”

Don’t worry. It’s not a bitch fest. I save those for good friends and family (I don’t go there with my therapist… she’d call me on it too quickly).

I’ve been doing this for almost 5 years now – and when I say ‘this’, I mean my business.

In this episode I talk about my recent WordPress Genesis for Beginners class, what I went through with pricing, promoting, and wondering if I had pigeonholed myself into a niche (focusing on StudioPress Genesis).Β  All of this brought about a LOT of questions about my business (especially after I created a free StudioPress Community Resources guide and let one annoying person get under my skin, as much as I’d like to think I didn’t)- so much so that I even considered giving up my brand and selling this site!

Don’t worry, that’s not going to happen. I did think about it for a day or so then realized that I was not going to throw the baby out with the bathwater so to speak.

Instead, I’m going to be incorporating my name into the brand.

Here’s what the new logo/header looks like. I’ve already started using this in my newsletter but it won’t be unveiled on the site until I flip the theme (which should hopefully be in the next week).

Kim Doyal - The WordPress Chick

Pretty fun, huh? Not too far off, I’m keeping my colors, The WordPress Chick, and am just going to be expanding what I’m doing.

Next up will be new photos… I realized I have ONE photo that appears everywhere, so it’s time to get some new pics done. I just want to make sure they don’t look like I’m posing for a Realtor shot or a “Glamour Shot” (remember those photo stores in the mall? holy moly!)

In this episode, I also talk about one thing that has been a HUGE focus for me and that is Building Relationships!

This is one of those things that you’ve heard over and over (and I think I said that in my “Marketing Isn’t A Spectator Sport” post) and is SO absolutely important. My point in this episode is that not only do you need to build relationships, but you should be building the RIGHT relationships for YOU! Don’t be a sheep and spend time trying to connect with Guru’s or people you think might be important (of course since you’re a reader of mine I know that’s not who you are anyways… πŸ˜‰ ).

Connect with Like-Minded People.

Create Awesome Content.

Provide Value.

]Have Fun.

Sounds simple enough, right?

It is. You just need to trust yourself.

Recommendations from this Episode:

1) Plugin: nrelate Related Content

You can see what this looks like at the bottom of this post (“Here are some other posts you might enjoy”… I need to change that text. It just doesn’t sound like me, but you get the point).

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    1. Thank you SO much Sharon!
      You made my morning, truly. πŸ˜‰ I am LOVING doing the podcast and am ramping up for a weekly show. I really appreciate you taking the time comment.
      Have a fantastic day,

  1. What a great podcast Kim, very refreshing to hear such a natural conversation…..indeed, you are so welcoming that it feels as if one is right there in the room with you. Your new logo is fabulous also. Thank you too for all the informative and helpful information ~ Marusja

    1. Thanks Marusja!
      I am having SUCH a ball with the podcasting. πŸ˜‰ So appreciative to have made your ‘acquaintance’ so to speak… albeit virtual! As soon as I head over to the UK I will definitely let you know.

  2. Love all the content you put out. I’m starting up in-person WP basics courses here in the Seattle area (in an under-served location) because so many people I talk to have said that’s the way they want to learn. πŸ˜‰ I really appreciate all I’ve learned from you and other WP experts. It’s helping me shape my new business and develop my own style. So, keep up the good work! I’m not a stalker…just a fan! LOL!!

    1. Hi Nancy,

      Thanks so much. Love the “I’m not a stalker…” haha. That was awesome.
      Let me know when you do your local events because I’d love to share them with my readers and see if anyone in the area could use your expertise. I’d love to support you.

  3. I’m late chiming in here but this is all so refreshing and I appreciate your openness and willingness to discuss some of the things we feel as small business owners as we grow and transition our businesses. I really enjoyed your podcast and I do appreciate all the videos you’ve shared on Studiopress, WordPress and Genesis. Believe me, you’ve pulled me out of a lot of sore spots when working on my site and those of clients. Whichever direction you take your business I know it will do well because from my time following you online I sense you have a great work ethic. Best to you.

    1. Hi Carlana,

      Thanks so much – it’s never too late to chime in! I really appreciate the comment, kind words and knowing that the videos have helped you. Even the short videos can take a lot of time with recording, editing, writing the post and then sharing. So it makes it all worth while to know that people appreciate them (and I’ll keep doing them in one form or another, I have a lot of fun with it).
      Let me know how I can support you & your business – truly! I’d love to share what you’re doing & your services.
      I just finished recording and editing episode 4 of the podcast today (I’ll publish it on Friday), where I really share some things I’ve never talked about and what I would do different if I were starting today. Each time I share something it’s less nerve wracking than the previous time. πŸ™‚
      Thanks again Carlana, I really appreciate it.

  4. You’re so welcome! I can definitely relate to the time investment for the video because I used to do a lot of Camtasia and Screenflow videos, too. I’m also learning that so many times we don’t let people know we appreciate their efforts, especially in the web space. We lurk and follow them over periods of time and are grateful for the knowledge they share, but we don’t say anything. It’s really is important to encourage others. I look forward to the upcoming installments!

    1. I totally agree Carlana (not letting people we know we appreciate what they do). I’ve been making a conscious effort to make that a part of everything I do.

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