WOW! What an honor! 50 Coolest Marketers of 2010

Lorrie-Morgan-FerreroWhat a great way to start the New Year!

Being an entrepreneur has SO many rewards, but it’s also very easy to get caught up in your own little world.
This last year was SUCH a wild ride for me! At the end of 2009 I did a “Look Back” post on the past year, what worked, what didn’t and where I wanted my business to go in the upcoming year. I haven’t done one of those yet- and I’m not sure if I will. I’m still trying to get some balance back into my life after the last 6 months while maintaining the momentum that was created. What rings most true for me in looking back on 2010 is Gratitude.

I feel SO grateful for the people in my life- both in my personal life and the new relationships that were developed last year. When you step out and put yourself out there- it’s amazing what can happen. Even if you don’t know where it’s going and how you’re going to do it all- by committing to what you’re doing and taking it one day at a time you may just surprise yourself!

Which is what I felt when I saw my name on the “50 Coolest Marketers of 2010” by Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero! WOW!

I met Lorrie when I asked her to be in my movie, Women in Business, 2.0. I knew who Lorrie was and knew her as “Red 50 Coolest Marketers of 2010Hot Copy”, but never had the pleasure of meeting her in person. Needless to say she was fantastic. Lorrie is totally genuine and one of those people that when you meet her you feel like you’ve known her forever. Just hearing her story shifted the way I think about copy (never been something I’ve enjoyed- but know how important it is!).

I am so honored to be on this list of amazing marketers and inspiring people. Make sure you check out the list (I love reading lists like these because it always introduces you to people you didn’t know) and share it with your friends!

Thanks Lorrie!

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  1. A HUUUGGGEEEE congrats to you Kim!

    So nice to see you doing so well – take care and talk soon 🙂
    Kym Robinson

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