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You’re putting so much time and energy into building your online business, but something isn’t working. Sales are sluggish, your content is falling flat, and you’re not seeing the impact – or the revenue – you crave.

You need someone to pull you out of that social media rabbit hole. Someone to help you find focus and direction, and create a strategic plan to grow your audience, build relationships, boost your authority and become a leader in your space.

I’ve built a business (or three) by doing exactly that. So whether there’s an audience mismatch, a hole in your sales funnel, or you don’t know how to #justshowup consistently, we can fix this.

Here’s how we can work together:

Kim Doyal

FOCUSĀ Session

You need a solid digital strategy and an action plan, so you can prioritize your time and resources, and build a cohesive authority brand.

It’s time to bring some focus, energy and momentum back to your business.

How it Works Apply Here JustShowUP Sessions

#JustShowUp Sessions

Sales funnels, lead magnets, tripwires, email sequences, Facebook ads, Instagram stories…it’s overwhelming. And you’re so busy doing the actual work that you don’t have time to mess around figuring this stuff out.

You want clear direction and a plan you can implement, step-by-step, so you can start seeing real results – NOW.

#JustShowUp Sessions is a three-month coaching program specifically designed to help you build your solid marketing system and finally get traction in your business.

How it Works Apply Here Kim Doyal

FOCUSĀ Session

Here’s how it works:

  • Apply online – Fill out the application form and tell me where you’re struggling, what your goals are.
  • A mini review of your online presence – From your website to your content, I want to see how you are showing up online so I can spot the gaps.
  • A 90-minute digital strategy session – We’ll get together online and map out a digital strategy that’s right for you. We’ll refine your idea, identify your ideal audience, create a content plan, fill those gaps in your strategy and fine tune your offer to make sure everything is fully aligned and congruent – and feels like YOU.

You’ll walk away with a clear focus and an action plan, outlining the exact steps you can implement right away to grow your audience, tighten that sales funnel, consistently boost your authority and build a solid brand.

When I coach, I bring everything to the table, so this is one action-packed, powerhouse of a session. Click below to apply for your digital strategy session.

Apply Here JustShowUP Sessions

#JustShowUp Sessions

We’ll work through your digital strategy step-by-step, implementing as we go.

  • Refine your audience – You can’t build a business without an audience to sell to, so let’s figure out who you’re talking to (and how to talk to them) so your ideas will resonate
  • Crack your lead magnet – We’ll find the right freebie for your people, so you can grow your audience on autopilot
  • Nail your offer – Create an offer so good your people can’t say no
  • Design and build your sales funnel – an automated system that will consistently grow your leads and convert them into customers. I’m talking the whole shebang, from your advertising strategy, through your email sequence to the point of sale – and beyond
  • Content plan – We’ll create a solid content plan so you can show up and share your message with power and impact, boosting your audience and your authority
  • Connect with influencers – I’ll guide you on who to connect with – and how – so you can grow your influence and authority (it’s just how my brain works). So get ready to pitch yourself for podcast interviews, online summits and collaborations – all with my support.

Here’s what you get with Just Show Up

  • Weekly one-on-one coaching calls – We work each stage of your strategy together, with dedicated focus to your specific business challenges. These calls are action-packed and you will leave each one feeling fired up, inspired and knowing EXACTLY what to do to grow your business this week.
  • Accountability – You’re not just here to talk online marketing fluff, you’re here to get it DONE. If you want to build a solid business that works for you, then you have to make it a priority. You’ll have specific tasks to implement each week – and if you’re not doin’ ’em, I’m gonna wanna know why.
  • Bonus access to my Everything is Content digital course – (valued at $197)
  • A bonus monthly group coaching call – Each month, we get together in a small group to dive deep into digital marketing. I’m talking content strategy, influencer marketing, audience building. The conversations in this group are gold.

By the end of our three months together, you’ll have a stellar sales funnel, a solid digital strategy fully implemented and you’ll be well on your way to building your stand out authority brand.

You’ll be amazed how much traction you can gain with three months of strategic action and support.

I’m Ready to just show up!