Why I’ve Become Obsessed


I debated on trying to come up with a headline that was ‘eclipse’ related, but the truth is… I got nothin (I’m publishing this on the day of the solar eclipse).

Instead, I decided I’d share how I busted out a bunch of work this weekend and my realization as to why I’ve become obsessed.

When I say I’m obsessed, it’s a general obsession with what I’m doing, not necessarily a specific topic. It finally clicked with me ‘why’ I’ve become obsessed and what has shifted within me. You guys might be thinking that even though my business has changed somewhat, it’s not like I’m doing something completely different.

The short version of what has changed:
– No more service work
– Two primary focuses (WPChick & LeadSurveys)
– I spend the majority of my time creating & marketing

The BIGGER change is something you can’t see.

It’s what has changed within ME.

I was listening to a marketing podcast when I was walking the dogs last night and it was like a lightbulb went off in my head! I’ve become obsessed because I’m doing all the things I used to avoid. Like copywriting, rewriting headlines, promoting myself more, creating & editing, in other words… doing the RIGHT work.

Because I’m digging in and taking the time to master what I’m working on, my confidence is going through the roof. Then what happens? That inspires me to keep going and do more. The amazing thing with this is that it’s completely internal and it’s all been small subtle changes.

So… what did I bust out this weekend?

(And remember, I only work on weekends when I want to. There are plenty of weekends when I check out and catch up on rest when I don’t have plans).

First, I wrote, recorded, and edited the ‘Welcome’ episode of the ‘Don’t Give A Fox’ podcast (OMG! I am SO excited about this! I love the music we chose for the intro), that was on Saturday (I was semi-social and had dinner with a friend on Saturday night).

Then Sunday rolled around and I got one thing accomplished (if you saw my email on Saturday, you know I had a list of things I wanted to do,  I accomplished two). I have a course coming out called “Grow Your Audience”, which I outlined last week (twice, I started with the brief outline, then went deeper… see below. The final outline was over 25 pages):

course outline

The image on the left is the general outline, the image on the right is where I started breaking things down.

So what I busted out yesterday, over 5 hours, was the content of the videos in the course ( a total of 25 videos! I’ll be needing more caffeine when I begin filming). That was pretty much my max yesterday. I was tempted to leave the last two sections for later but I was on a roll.

What’s been so amazing about the process for this course is that it has been flowing since I started it.


For the very simple reason, I mentioned above… I’ve been doing the work & showing up.

Implementation is EVERYTHING, you guys.

This is one of the things I discussed with my friend, Jürgen Strauss, on his podcast, InnovaBuzz last week. I’ve been on the show before, but Jurgen invited me back to talk about LeadSurveys, information marketing, content marketing, and the move towards personalization in marketing.

Listen to InnovaBuzz Episode #85 with myself & Jurgen Strauss here

Now it’s time for coffee #2 and I need to start setting up the office for filming later. EEEK! Here we go!

[thrive_2step id=’16924′]1 page marketing plan[/thrive_2step]

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