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After feeling rusty about getting back into work yesterday I had a rather productive day, which was a great reminder about what happens when we just START.

And a quick shout out to Alex Smith who shared something funny with me in terms of what he does to make the “switch” when his thoughts take over.

And if you have something you do that helps you, hit reply and tell me what it is… I love hearing how people process things.

For the longest time, I thought the “work” that needed to be done in my business was the tangible, tactical, step-by-step tasks that show you’ve accomplished something.

This might be the “work” that some people need to do (we all know that person that has confused activity with productivity… somehow they’re always busy but nothing ever sees the light of day).

More often than not though the “work” that needs to be done is internal.

It’s managing your thoughts and consciously choosing a different behavior.

I was talking with a friend yesterday and shared a quote I heard years ago, but I phrased it as a question:

“What if you expected more from yourself?”

In other words, she’s the only person she’s letting down if she doesn’t follow through on things.

As someone who lives by #FtheHUSTLE, I’m not saying to push yourself to a point that doesn’t serve you, but we all know when we can step it up.

When you work for yourself you have to decide to do the things that are hard.

  • Say no to people/opportunities that aren’t right
  • Close distractions and create the thing you need to create
  • Make the offer
  • Send the email¬†ūüėČ
  • Learn to do things you can’t hire out (yet)
  • Invest in people/products/services that will help you grow

You get my point.

All of these things are simple, but they’re not always easy.

Naturally, there will be discomfort.

Start learning to get comfortable with discomfort.

It won’t kill you.

Once I got my email out yesterday the next thing I needed to do was write and record a podcast episode.

I had blocked out a couple of hours…

Four hours later it was written and recorded. Not because I procrastinated, but because I went deep (and for some reason, I tend to underestimate the amount of time it takes me to do things… go figure ūüėú).

So that means that the thing I had on my calendar to do later yesterday was moved to today.

No big deal.

But it needs to get done, so as soon as I hit send I’m going directly to that task.

Here’s an example of the magic that happens though when you do what you said you were going to do (and get caught up in what you’re doing):

  • I realized I had a couple more frameworks and processes that I can use for something I’m working on
  • Which then reminded me to look at ALL of the things I’ve created – which are part of the foundation for what I’m working on (in other words, I do NOT need to reinvent the wheel)
  • I was reminded how much I really love writing (and how it’s paid off in my business)
  • I ended up with more energy and excitement when I was done

‚ÄčAll of the things I listed are somewhat “intangible”…

Yet THIS is what allows me to move forward.

You can “do the work” all day long…. but if you don’t get your mind right you’re going to feel like you’re stuck in a roundabout…. same story, different day.

We’ve all heard the phrase about insanity… “doing the same thing, expecting a different result” … which is true.

But more importantly, “you can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.”

I’ve shifted from judging my behavior to paying attention to my processes.

This week’s podcast episode walks you through my own process and how I’m shifting a couple of BIG things in my business.

‚ÄčListen to “Being Called to Step Outside My Comfort Zone FTH: 094” here.

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