Who Cares If Your Ideal Client Likes Coffee… and Other B.S. with Michelle Hunter – KDS: 031


This interview with Michelle Hunter was way overdue.

And SO very good!

Michelle and I connected last fall and had an amazing interview… that never quite got published (life was a little crazy last year, there was an issue with the audio and well, here we are, in March of 2019).

I asked Michelle if we could do a live stream instead of simply an audio interview because I knew once people heard her genius there would be great engagement and questions. I wasn’t mistaken. I went ahead and had this episode transcribed for you (yes, it’s that good!), and you can download the transcript at the end of the post or you can read the transcript below.

Michelle is a marketing strategist and copywriter. She works with creative entrepreneurs and established professionals to help refine their business models, their offers, and then develop core messaging around that. Michelle was gracious enough to do some ‘live’ training of what that looks like for a couple of businesses on the live stream, mine included (for the Content Creators Planner).

Backing into the core messaging by starting with the problem isn’t as hard as it sounds, at least with Michelle walking you through it.

She also gave us a couple of specific strategies and exercises to get behind the problem and find out what the emotions are that drive a person to make a buying decision (once you see how this all unfolds it makes it SO much easier to understand!).

Let’s dive into it.

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Questions I Asked Michelle

  1. Where does someone even start with getting clear on their messaging?Michelle Hunter
  2. Can you tell the apple story as an example of a marketing conversation (you have to listen to get this)
  3. How do you get clarity on the problem you’re solving for your client?
  4. When do manifestos work for a business?
  5. What really matters when deciding who your ideal client is?
  6. Can you give us a tangible resource or exercise to help with the messaging?
  7. How can we tell better stories with our content and marketing?
The problem is that you're looking for your ideal client before you've positioned your offer. - Michelle Hunter Click to Tweet

What You’re Going to Learn

  • Why you need to start with the transformation (once you’ve uncovered the problem)
  • How to use “so that…” in your message and marketing
  • Why a website banner/tagline shouldn’t use a ‘definition’
  • What it means to find the commonalities to connect
  • How to make sure your offers are in alignment with your ideal client (so you’re not fragmenting your message)
  • How to back into pricing your offers and services
  • How to craft your hook

Where to Connect With Michelle

Website | Creating Profitability Guide

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You can read the transcripts below or click here to download a PDF


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