When Your Customers Tell You What They Want

customers tell you what they want

Do your customers tell you what they want?

And more importantly, are you listening?

Being open to what you want to create for your customers and listening to what they want and then creating that is vitally important to your business. Fortunately, our customers have told us exactly what they want and here’s how we’re listening.

But first… here’s how we’re finding the time to do that.

One of the things I’m finding most challenging these days is managing my time effectively.

I know I’m not the exception to the rule here. As an entrepreneur managing your time has its ups and downs like anything else in your business. Life ebbs and flows.

The thing with our time is that for the most part, it’s completely under our own control.

I know I need to set better boundaries for myself and start saying no to things more often.

I’m trying to limit calls and any recordings to two or three days a week max. I’m also getting better and scheduling things further out when I know I’m traveling or have deadlines on other projects.

It’s so easy to say “sure, let’s hop on a call”, but then that call comes around and you’re deep in something else and it completely throws your mojo off.

We’ve been in growth mode for the Content Creators Planner for a while with lots of things changing and being tested, so having to get things done for that looks very different than a business that’s been running for a while.

In fact, last week we started shipping the planners through a fulfillment center! I can’t blame shipping on my time management issue though because that was all on Jodi (our printer is in Atlanta and she lives close).

We’ve been making some significant changes to our ads with our ad team (we’re very hands-on with them) and also looking at moving the site to a much faster solution.

All of these things are vitally important (and hear my heart, I’m not complaining), but it’s leaving very little time to create content (kind of ironic, isn’t it?).

However, one thing we are creating is a Trello board version of the planner!

This wasn’t something we had ever planned on doing, but our customers told us they wanted it.

Right now we have two versions: a physical planner (which will always be our core product), and a digital PDF version.

We consciously chose not to make the PDF fillable because of usability issues, but many people want to collaborate with their teams which is why they’ve asked for a Trello board version.

We’re wrapping up creating this, then will have our beta testers jump in and test it out. We’ll also have a Masterclass to accompany the Trello boards.

The plan is to have two versions: one that works with the free version of Trello and one that works with the paid. We’ll release the one that works with the free version first, get some feedback, and add the version for paid users and powerups afterward.

You can read more about this and get on the early notification list here:

​Why We’re Creating a Trello Board for the Content Creators Planner

We’ll have some sort of offer for the early-bird list, so make sure you opt-in for notification.

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