What if it were easy (and better yet, fun?)

There’s something about getting older that makes you look at life in a totally different way.

When I was in my 30’s, working full time at a job, and raising my kids I always felt like I had to maximize every minute of the day.

It’s a little nuts when I look back at it.

I was on this constant mission to be as absolutely productive as I possibly could be. The more I accomplished the better I felt (and truth: the more recognition I got for that the better I felt).

Fast forward to today and I look at my time and energy in a whole new light.

And the best part?

The more intentional I am with what I do and how I spend my time, the more I get done.

It’s almost as if (and bear with me here) I’ve expanded time somehow.

And then it becomes fun.

I’ve started asking myself better questions…

The first one being “what if it were easy?”

(hence my #FtheHustle movement)

There is never a shortage of things you can do online to promote and grow your business.

More content to create, new platforms to publish and promote on, new people to talk to, new traffic methods you can implement…

Just thinking about it makes me want to take a nap.

Next month I’ll be celebrating 13 years online.






Even when we do things we love doing, they can start feeling a little stale after a while.

I was starting to feel that a couple of months ago.

Now that I feel like I’ve gotten to the other side after losing my Mom I realized I wanted to #JustShowUP again.

At the same time there was this feeling of… “O.K., now what?”

Knowing that my intention isn’t to add a bunch of extra tasks to my life I went on the hunt for inspiration.

Which is when things really started to click into place.

Now it feels like “GAME ON!”

So I have a challenge for you today…

Find someone or something that is outside of your “norm” that you can draw a little inspiration from.

We all have a tendency to listen to the same podcasts, read the same blogs, engage online with our peers and established circles.

What if you tried something different? (note: it doesn’t have to be new per se, but maybe it’s “new” to you or it’s something you revisit).

In this week’s podcast episode I shared a list of 10 places you can find new inspiration from.

Not to mention I opened the episode sounding a bit like Ethel Merman… (and amused the bucket out of myself in the process).

Listen to “Inspiration in Unexpected Places: Growing & Scaling Your Business KDS: 067” here

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