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What’s Included in Visual Mapping Session

with Kim Doyal

90 Minute Strategy Session

One-on-one personal coaching where we’ll do a deep dive into your business. Where you are and where you want to be, six months from now.

Personal Review

I’ll personally review your intake form before our call. I’ll review your website, your goals, and opportunities.

Custom Plan

We’ll create an action plan together. You’ll understand how the pieces fit, where to start first, and how to achieve your six-month goals.

Unique Framework

Moving forward you’ll have a unique framework you can reference and apply to your business whenever you’re ready to grow and scale from where you are.


You’ll get a recording of the call along with your visual plan and framework/timeline.

Peace of Mind

Imagine how you’ll feel knowing you’ve created a solid plan, with actionable items, a manageable framework, and a renewed sense of value for what you provide.

Book Your Visual Mapping Session


Tess Wittler

“This is GOLD!”That’s what I said after our Visual Mapping session with Kim.This is not a canned approach or worse, a “this-is- what-I-did-so-you-should-mirror-me” session. Kim listens to what you want to create in your business and from there, it’s like magic! She instinctively knows the right questions to ask so together, you map out a program that has a defined timeline and easy, actionable steps.By the end of our session, not only did I gain much-needed clarity on the new program, but I also had a fire in my belly for my business again!

Tess Wittler


WOW do I wish I had done this Visual Mapping session with Kim a long time ago! I often say I’m like a GPS for my clients, but I never had a map for me – BEFORE. I’m a visual learner and the way Kim laid out this map, I now have clarity, a plan that is easy to execute, and a custom framework for MY business.  This is no cookie-cutter approach.  Kim really listened to what I wanted to create in my business, rather than telling me what I should create. Take the guesswork out of your business. If you are looking for a clear path forward, I highly recommend it! 

Stephanie Dalfonzo

Liz Weaver Kim’s visual mapping coaching was eye-opening. I had been struggling with how to visualize and plan my goals for my new offering with my company. I had hit a wall as if Jack Frost had just built a solid wall of thick fog all around my brain. With Kim’s brainstorming and insight through her visual mapping, it was as if the fog just magically disappeared. Though it wasn’t magic, it’s Kim’s gift to work with you using her years of experience and an incredible way to pull out of you what your thoughts are.  I now have a plan and a map to go back to as I build out my offer for my website. I just love working with Kim, a positive, incredible businesswoman, and with her upbeat personality – her personality is contagious! 

Liz Weaver

Paprika Creative

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