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After years of having a team for development, I knew it was time to get some help to speed up my site.

I’d done plenty of things on my own (caching, CDN, deleting plugins, etc.), but the truth is this isn’t my wheelhouse. And I had zero desire to learn how to do these things.

Since I’ve been publishing a lot more content and putting a conscious effort into driving traffic to my site I knew I needed to optimize it. I also wanted someone to go through things that may have been done quickly as opposed to correctly and clean up things (this sounds so ambiguous as I’m writing it, but trust me, I had a plan).

The first thing I thought was that I would go to WPCurve.

Then realized I couldn’t… when I wanted to sign up they weren’t taking new customers due to the recent acquisition by GoDaddy.

Hmm… fortunately, I happen to be in a private Facebook Group and someone had posted a request for a review of their site, ValiusWP. I don’t remember exactly what the question about their site was but when I saw that they offered WordPress support I went instantly over to the site (talk about the power of sharing in Facebook Groups, right?).

Download the Content Upgrade 

I signed up for the plan that included site optimization.


My site speed increased by a couple seconds… WOOHOO!

Each week I get a website care report that lists:

[list icon=”icon: check-circle” icon_color=”#e05455″]

  • Optimization
  • Backups (LiquidWeb does this for me too)
  • Uptime
  • Analytics
  • Security
  • Performance


Massive peace of mind.Steven Kaufman

Their support is amazing (during normal business hours I get a response in less than 15 min? Usually sooner). I knew I wanted to have them on the podcast to spread the word (I’ve already referred a couple friends). If you’re considering looking for support for your site (unlimited small jobs), look no further.

Questions I Asked Steven

  1. What were you & Kolby (his business partner) doing before launching WP Valius?
  2. Where did the name come from?
  3. How did you and Kolby connect?
  4. What made you decide to launch a subscription model support company?
  5. What are some of the common things people request help for?
  6. I signed up for the site optimization and LOVE it. What are the biggest issues you see with site optimization?
  7. How’s the growth and marketing for the company going?


What You’re Going to Learn

  • How quickly they got up and running with their support model
  • How they approached pricing
  • How big their team is
  • Some of the most common issues people have
  • What defines a ‘small job’ (unlimited 3o minute tasks)
  • Which plugins they use (they have a basic plugin library)
  • How you can get started with ValiusWP

Where to Connect with Steven & ValiusWP

Website | Twitter | Facebook

Download the Content Upgrade 

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