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Jason Resnick

Jason Resnick is another one of the people who I’m super grateful has come into my world.

I’ve known of Jason for a long time and don’t know why we hadn’t connected yet (you know what I’m talking about right? How many times do you get a friend request and think “we weren’t already connected?”). We finally hopped on a call at the end of last year and he’s been amazing. Jason has many skills when it comes to online business, but I really wanted to dive in with him to talk about automation, in whichever direction Jason wanted to go.

When Jason suggested talking about using content in a follow-up sequence to position yourself as an expert I was all in.

This episode was run as a live stream on Facebook (which, as you can tell I’m really starting to love doing. I’m all about getting more mileage from each episode).

A little bit about Jason

Jason helps freelancers figure out what their specialty is so he can help them develop a stream of recurring revenue. He’s been building websites since the late 1990s and also focuses on personalized marketing (which makes it much easier to craft the buyer’s journey). Jason loves addressing the psychology in marketing and the three main areas that we all go through when it comes to purchasing: awareness, consideration, buying.

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Questions I Asked Jason

  1. First, because of your knowledge, can you view sales pages/marketing objectively?
  2. What does a follow-up sequence look like for a digital product?
  3. What is a good follow-up sequence for my YouTube channel subscribers to drive them to my coaching?
  4. Where do you wrap your head around the best place to start with automating follow-up sequences?
  5. What’s the best way to segment your leads?
  6. What is Feast?
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What You’re Going to Learn

  • Where to place testimonials on your website (hint: near the buy button)
  • Why it’s better to send nothing… as opposed to a ‘just checking in email’
  • Why following up with people isn’t ‘bugging them’
  • How following up begins with the right mindset
  • Why decision makers need 5 pieces of content to make a decision
  • Why you need to identify the intent first?

Where to Connect with Jason

Website | Podcast | Facebook  | Twitter

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