Use What You've Paid For… For Me, That's CoSchedule


This subject seemed kind of timely to talk about today since we’re in the peak season of ‘buying’ in the U.S.

And no, this isn’t a judgement about what you do or don’t spend on gifts during the holiday season.

To each their own.

This is about what you choose to spend your hard earned dollars on in your business and whether or not you make the most of those purchases.

I’m guessing I’m not the only one who has had more than one recurring monthly payment for a tool I barely use.

I saw the launch, watched the videos, read the sales page… it was a great price (discounted, one off lifetime purchase… whatever).

I purchased it figuring it was a great price and something I could definitely use in my business, and would get to it a little bit later after I took care of the tasks at hand or objectives for the day.

Then 30 days later the recurring payment happens and I’m thinking “what is that for again?” … never having gone back and used the tool I purchased.

(I know some of you are totally nodding your heads in agreement… slightly amused but glad to know you’re not alone in this little madness).

I will pat myself on the back a little bit because this has slowly been changing for me.

My desire to simplify my life and make better progress at really doing what I want to do in my business all correlates with my obsession with small consistent action.

(Don’t worry though, I’m still going to keep looking at new tools, apps & plugins… but I’m better at deciding if they’re in alignment with my current goals and objectives).

As I’ve been working on winding down the year and wrapping up projects I’ve also been analyzing these resources.

“What do I already own that I know can be working better for me? With what I’ve already created?” (Because for the love of all that is good in the world the last thing I want to do is add more to my plate).

The first thing that came to mind is CoSchedule.

They have released 4 major updates in the last month or so and holy moly they’re powerful.

(A little side note on CoSchedule… if you’re even remotely interested in launching a plugin or app, subscribe to their blog. The evolution of this company, how they market, and their content strategy is an education in and of itself).

They’ve released social media analytics, the ability to requeue posts (automatically), Instagram posting (from a phone app), and a new content UX… whew.

What I was most excited about was the ReQueue.

Basically you create categories of content that CoSchedule will the automatically fill holes in your calendar with.

So for me, I’ve started with 3 categories of my own content:
– WPChick Content
– WPChick Podcast
– WPChick Landing Page (different lead gen landing pages)

I just started setting up the landing pages yesterday and need to double check the featured image, but the content & podcast are active.

Then I went back to some of my recent posts & podcasts that have performed better and set them to ‘ReQueue’:

ReQueue by CoSchedule

Literally… that’s how easy it is.

Add your categories and select the option to ‘requeue’ that content.

Obviously I do this on all my new content, but I’m also going back and starting with content that had the most engagements, shares, comments, etc.

[thrive_2step id=’15346′]create content that sells[/thrive_2step]

Tie this strategy in with all the headline tests I’ve run and the content has a better chance of driving more traffic, leads and engagement (more on that in another email).

The beauty of this is that I tend to add new content (other people’s content that I think is of value to my audience) to CoSchedule almost daily, but this way I know I’m also sharing my content consistently.

Here’s what my calendar looks like for this week and next week.

The posts that are scheduled with the green background are all requeued posts:

CoSchedule Calendar

I’ve just started adding content to my ‘requeue’ in the last couple of days.

I’ll also be tracking in Google analytics from this time forward what this does for traffic & conversions on my site.

My point in this little CoSchedule lesson today is that I’ve chosen to make the most of a tool I’m already paying for.

How is it going to pay off?

I’ll let you know in a month or so, but here’s what I’m already expecting:
– increase in traffic (I know, duh)
– increase in leads (over the holidays I’m working on getting content upgrades into as many posts as possible, starting with the posts I’ve scheduled to requeue)
– more downloads for the podcast (which will be more attractive to potential podcast sponsors)
– more engagement & relationships…

Who knows what else will come from this.

I will tell you that I feel quite proud of myself for not only investing in CoSchedule but that I’m actually using it.


If you haven’t tried CoSchedule you know how I feel about it… next to Thrive & Beaver Builder it is without a doubt one of my must-have tools.

But only if you use it.

I’m working on a much more in-depth post and review of CoSchedule (with videos). Look for that in the New Year!

Until then…

Checkout CoSchedule Here

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