Updates on WordPress, Content Creators Summit, and The Inside Story

Content Creators Summit

I know I’ve been a little quiet lately… sorry about that! I’ve been head down on a couple projects and it has been a crazy few weeks!

I’m going to take a little detour today from my normal format of emails to share a few things with you (and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this format. I’m thinking this might be something I do once a week in this format, then go back to my regular email style? Just hit reply and let me know what you think).

O.K., let’s start with what I am BEYOND excited about…

…drumroll, please…

The Content Creators Summit is HERE!

This has been a major labor of love for me (and a boatload of work, but SO worth it!). 24 speakers, all talking about content! We cover written, audio, and video… in pretty much every format. I have Live Stream experts, SEO experts, long-form written content, quick content, podcasting experts (a few of my favorite WordPress friends… Troy Dean, Lee Jackson & Matt Medeiros all joined in). The content is ‘AH-MAZING!’ Every speaker over-delivered.

The best part?

It’s FREE to attend! The summit goes live next week and runs from Tuesday, March 6th at 10:00 AM PST through Friday, March 9th with the last session at 4:15 PM on Friday. Each session is free for 24 hours. You can get access to all the sessions (video, audio, and transcripts) if you get the All-Access Pass (total bargain!).

Sign up for the Content Creators Summit here

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Need help building your WordPress Site?

My good friend Dave Foy has opened the doors again to his ‘No Stress WordPress’ course!

This course was created for all you non-coders who are tired of struggling with your site (but also really want to do it yourself) as well as those who enjoy building sites but want to do it faster, easier, and make more profit! (less time struggling with technology means you can create that many more sites!)

This is truly a step-by-step program for non-coder designers, who want to build full WordPress sites faster and more profitably!

It also closes tomorrow (sorry for the late notice!)… SO… jump in now!

Checkout No Sress WordPress Here

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You guys probably think I’m not too shy when it comes to sharing online. I think I’ve found a good balance between personal and private (I promise not to over-share… making people uncomfortable is never a good thing).

Well, I think I went a little deeper than I have before on this recent episode of Arlene Battishill’s new podcast, “What’s Your Next Move?”

It’s always fun to have the tables turned on me where I get to be the guest.

Some of you may remember Arlene from a recent episode of my podcast (she was the one on Shark Tank who started a line of motorcycle clothing). Arlene is a perfect example of taking massive action! After my interview with Arlene aired I told her how much feedback I received and said “you HAVE to start your own podcast!”

Well, less than a month later it’s up and running!

Pretty powerful stuff!

Listen to “The New Normal You Never Wanted” Here

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SO… that’s what I’ve been up to! I’ll be getting back on a more regular publishing schedule after the summit  (and thank you for your patience).

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