The Truth About Facebook Advertising – Interview with Jason Hornung


This is now the second post (actually it might be the third?) that I’ve talked about Jason Hornung.

The difference between this post and podcast episode is that it is solely about Jason Hornung. This interview is also what led to me hiring Jason and his team to get a solid strategy in place for my Facebook ads. Instead of guessing what I thought would be the right message or right target audience, Jason and his team actually developed a real strategy for me based on data and KPI’s (key performance indicators).

I recently came back from an accelerator workshop in Madison, Wisconsin at Jason’s, and to say my brain was on overload would be an understatement. All in a good way of course.

I’ll continue to talk about my experience with Jason and his team as my ads start rolling out and I have actual numbers and data to share with you (I know, shocking. I’m not a huge fan of collecting and managing data, but there is no doubt it will be at the core of everything I do from now on). We launched a couple of ads last week and I’ll be launching more this week as well.

One thing I do want to say, and this is kind of a bold statement, is that working with Jason and his team has probably been one of, if not the best, experiences I’ve had since I launched my business almost 8 years ago. They’ve set the bar pretty high and I’ll be using them as my standard now when it comes to investing in my business.

O.K., onto the interview!

Questions I asked Jason

  1. What were you doing before building your Facebook Ad Agency?
  2. What is the Jason Hornung Agency?
  3. Can you share your journey into internet marketing?
  4. How did you transition into Facebook advertising?
  5. How should someone get started with Facebook Advertising?
  6. Where does content come into play with a paid traffic strategy?
  7. How do you work with clients? Agency? Products?

What You’re Going to Learn

  • How Jason started making money online as an affiliate marketer
  • How a Google slap forced him to look at another way to grow his business
  • How he built his team, after working 15 hour days 
  • How you can profitably scale your offers online with Facebook
  • Doing the RESEARCH! How Jason sets the foundation for their ad campaigns using a tool called ‘The Inception Campaign Planning System’
  • Who Jason studied in direct response marketing and advertising so he could apply the same strategies to Facebook Advertising

Retargeting & Metrics…

No doubt you’ve heard the term retargeting and you already know what metrics are.

I’m pretty familiar with retargeting, but never have I heard it explained to the degree that Jason explained it. He talks about backward engineering the process so you can get to your numbers before you even begin advertising. You need to know your numbers. Most people want to skip over this stuff because they’re anxious to get ads up and think it’s as simple as creating a headline, a graphic, and a landing page.

If you take that approach, you’re going to set yourself up for a world of frustration.

I’m going to stop attempting to share all the amazing knowledge Jason shares so you can get it directly from the man himself!

You need to establish what your numbers are going to be before you do anything. @JasonHornung Click to Tweet

Where to Connect with Jason

Website | Facebook | Twitter

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    1. Hi Luke,
      I haven’t yet, but I will! Thanks for the reminder. I’ll share my results (tracked everything) and what I learned.

  1. I did Jason’s mini-course online, 10 modules. This is my problem: I am a senior, living on a pension so clearly I need another income. After all I read, I am totally confused and I don’t believe there is one person out there with the PATIENCE to help a senior. I can do lots of things, but I never learned computer science in school.
    What can I do now?

    1. Hi Corrine,
      I understand your frustration. Jason is great at what he does, but I think Facebook advertising is a more advanced strategy and should come after the foundation is set (for what it’s worth, I’m completely self-taught, as an adult and was not computer savvy when I started). I’d recommend connecting with my friend and colleague, Deanna Fenton (you can check her out at She has an ‘Encore Community’ for people just like you who are stepping into second careers at a later stage in life and the online space is new to them.
      Hope that helps.

      p.s. if you’re looking for WordPress specific training, there’s a great free video series on YouTube by OSTraining, all on YouTube for free:

  2. Wow, getting to hear him figure out how to architect his numbers for a 2:1 return at like 36/37 min… And how he reverse engineers the numbers from there… That is super helpful content!!!

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