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Todd Brown

I’ve been following Todd Brown for a while now (I’d say I was stalking him, but that’s just kind of creepy…and not really true).

One thing I think a lot of online entrepreneurs take for granted is the ability to learn from other people simply by subscribing and paying attention to what they’re doing (note: that doesn’t mean you never invest in tools and training… it simply means you can take your time to get to know what someone is all about before you make the leap & invest their products and services).

Todd is one of those ‘funnel guys’.

Now, before you decide you’ve had enough of the word funnel, listen to this interview.

If you don’t like the word funnel, call it something else (remember though, water isn’t water because of what you call it… H20, aqua, etc. You get my point, right? It is what it is).

And funnels WORK.

Here’s the awesome thing about Todd though… he’s worked his arse off to master this stuff and is a true direct response marketer. We chatted at length about direct response marketing and why learning those principles is vital to the success of any business (especially an online business where you can track and measure everything you do).

Enter Conversion Fly.

Conversion Fly is Todd’s new tracking software that is pretty friggin amazing if I do say so myself. As someone who is fascinated with the idea of a SaaS product (software as a service), I was super excited to not only connect with Todd but to hear his story of creating the product and how it’s going so far.

I think you’re going to love it… both the interview and the software.

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

  • How Todd almost won a Ferrari (but didn’t go away empty-handed)
  • What he bought on eBay when he was getting started (and why it made a HUGE difference)
  • How he transitioned from working for a health club to his own business (Marketing Funnel Automation)
  • What the difference is between marketing tactics and strategies
  • Why Todd never reads books about marketing tactics (I literally just got rid of old social media books… because they’re no longer applicable…. a couple of years later)
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Questions I asked Todd:

  • Can you share your story of what you were doing before you built Marketing Funnel Automation & Conversion Fly?
  • When did you launch Marketing Funnel Automation?
  • What would you recommend to someone who wants to get started with funnels?
  • What is Conversion Fly? And what made you want to launch a SaaS product?
  • What were some of the feedback on the beta version of the product?
  • Is Conversion Fly for someone who is just getting started with funnels?
  • How can it help with lead generation?
  • After the public launch of Conversion Fly, what else is on the horizon for you and your company this year?

Where to Connect with Todd

Facebook | Twitter | Website

Conversion Fly


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