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Yep, Happy Birthday to Me!

Kind of a crazy way to start a post, but I’m all about celebrating the good things in life, and yep, that includes birthdays!

ALL of them.

Getting older doesn’t bother me… aging, well, that’s another story. But the truth about aging is we have some control over the quality of our lives as we age (as in taking better care of ourselves, honoring who we are, and making the most of our lives). This is why I thought it would be a great idea to record a podcast on my birthday, especially since it’s mid-year and I can check in with how the year has been going and what’s in store for the rest of the year.

So today is my 45th Birthday (see, told you I didn’t mind getting older). And here are a few things that make this birthday awesome and why I don’t mind getting older:

  • I trust myself SO much more than I used to
  • I have so much more appreciation for the simple pleasures in life
  • Having my family so close is such a blessing
  • I value what makes us all unique and have found a way to see the beauty in everyone (most of the time, this will always be a work in progress)
  • I’m learning to stop explaining the ‘no’s’
  • Imperfect action beats no action every day
  • Knowing that all the hard work I’ve put in with my business over the last 7 years is paying off
  • The best thing I can do for my business is be myself
  • As I get older so do my kids… and I could not be more proud of the people they’re becoming
  • Seeing my parents in a different light… and getting what awesome human beings they are
  • Being able to say I still have my dearest friends in my life… 30 years later
  • Knowing I have friends ALL OVER the world because I chose to take a risk and start this business
  • I get to CHOOSE!
  • I’ve learned to honor the process
  • I will always take experiences over stuff… but I still like me some nice stuff!

The first half of 2015

The first part of 2015 has been amazing!

I put the intention out there a couple of years ago that I wanted to travel more and each year seems to bring more travel (something magical happens about putting the intention out there, letting it go, and continuing to work with inspired action). So far this year I went to Vegas in February (EMPIRE Mastermind), Vegas again in May (Funnel Hacking), Maui in June (EMPIRE) and am heading to the South of France in FOUR DAYS with my daughter! WOOHOO! I’ve loved every trip but think I’m looking most forward to France since it really is a vacation as opposed to a ‘business trip’ (even though these trips hardly feel like business when you love what you do and the people you do it with).

My business has grown exponentially.
Both financially and in terms of taking things up a notch, which I know is kind of vague, so let’s see if I can bullet point some of what has happened:

  • Hired a new project manager who has absolutely made my life easier in terms of what I can focus on and keeps things moving. She also happens to be one of my very best friends and being able to share this journey with her is a blessing
  • I finally feel like we’re getting systems and processes down in a very structured way so I can focus on what I love doing most and is the best way to serve the people I work with
  • My project prices have gone up
  • My Coaching fees have increased and I’m coaching a little less
  • I’ve launched a whole new division of my company, INFLUENCE Podcasting, and it’s taking off in ways I never dreamed! (more on that later in the year)
  • I’ve stopped doing things I don’t want to do
  • The podcast is still rocking (and still one of my absolute favorite things to do)
  • I’ve connected with some amazing people and am grateful for all the new friendships
  • Had a $24k week! WOOHOO!
  • I’m starting to love the sales and data side of things

And that’s why it’s time to Celebrate.

There was a time in my life (not so long ago, and really, I still struggle with it), where I had a hard time really celebrating what I’ve accomplished or how far I’ve come. Somehow it felt like I was bragging. Then it hit me, with the help of a mentor (a few of them actually), that if you don’t celebrate where you are and what you’ve achieved how will you go further? How do you accomplish more?

Being authentic and transparent means sharing BOTH sides of the coin. The difficult times AND the fantastic times.

And here’s the kicker… when you show up as yourself, all the time, people will be there with you through it all. I’m not talking about the trolls or the haters. Why on earth people choose to expend energy to be nasty or negative is beyond me. One thing I’ve learned is that people who are living in their own truth, are happy with what they’re doing and are earning a good living with what they do (yes, money gives you that freedom), don’t waste any time berating, bitching or judging other people.

They don’t have time for it.

They also understand that everything they do is energy. When you put negative energy out into the world that’s exactly what you get back.

My Wish For You & the rest of 2015

As for the remainder of 2015, I am SO excited!

I have a couple more trips in the fall (Orlando in October for EMPIRE and it looks like a trip to Ireland with a friend in November!) and have a big adjustment in August.

I’m moving my daughter to college.

I’m SUPER excited for her and this next chapter but also know that I’ll be a weepy mess when I drive away from SFSU (she’s only moving an hour or so away, so I won’t be too dramatic about it. 🙂 She can come home with a quick trip on BART). My son is also starting high school at the end of July, so there are a lot of changes in my personal life too. All are great but I expect some emotions to be kicking around and I’ve decided I’m going to be gentle with myself, whatever that looks like.

My primary focus in my business is two things:

– Growing INFLUENCE Podcasting

– Making some changes to The WordPress Chick

What kind of changes? Well… I want to get back to doing more video because not only is it great for search and content, but it’s fun too. I have a couple of things I’d like to run (funnel training- yes, that’s still coming! In August) and I still want to do something live at my house for a handful of people. Not sure what that looks like but I want to make that happen.

I’ve got some site changes I’ll be making as well as setting up some funnels to drive traffic and leads to this site (part of what we’ll do in the funnel training).

More than anything I’m simply going to continue doing what’s working and scaling things.

And now…

My Wish For You

These may surprise you because they’re very simple (not necessarily easy).

Use Your Voice

Work with who you want to work with.

Do what YOU want to do.

Write what you want to write.

Talk to who you want to talk to.

Share your opinion.

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable

Market the way YOU want to market.

Charge what you’re worth (not what you THINK you should charge).

OWN your value.

And most importantly… celebrate what you’ve done and who you’ve become in the process.

Much love!

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