Beaver Builder & Thrive Content Builder: Why I Use Both WordPress Visual Editors [VIDEOS]

I have a confession to make.

I’ve been thinking about writing this post and or creating a video (or two) on using a visual editor (specifically Thrive or Beaver Builder) and I’ve been avoiding it because…. ready for this?

I feel kinda guilty. 🙂

I truly love both products (and people behind these awesome tools) and was trying to think of a way I could do this that clearly showed the value in both plugins without negating the other (yes, I still talk to my therapist. Call it the recovering Catholic in me…). Then it hit me. My use of both the Thrive Visual Editor and Beaver Builder isn’t about “either or” it’s more about “for what and when”.

Bear with me, I’m confusing myself a little bit here too.

I have two goals for this post and accompanying videos.

1) Show you BOTH plugins so you get an understanding of what they’re about.

2) Show you how and why I use both plugins with examples.

Sounds easy enough, right? Let’s get to it then (all 3 videos are at the end of the post).

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Let’s start with the Thrive Content Builder

I’ve done a few different posts and videos on the Thrive Content Builder already, so for easy reference you can click the links below to view those posts and videos if you want to see those or check them out.

Thrive Content Builder – Landing Pages Update [VIDEO]

Thrive Content Builder – update, [VIDEOS], & PDF Download

Interview with Shane Melaugh of Thrive Themes WPCP:052

My primary use with the Thrive Content Builder is for marketing pages. You’ll see in the video that the TCB has tons of elements that make it very easy to create beautiful squeeze, sales and landing pages. It also comes with pre-designed landing pages that you can select and customize if you don’t want to start from scratch. If you do decide to create a page from scratch you can also save that as a template for future use (which is handy if you track conversions or want to do split testing, which of course you do, right?).

Because I primarily use the Genesis Framework for everything I do I needed to make sure TCB was compatible with Genesis, which it is. I should clarify also that you can use the Thrive Content Builder for regular posts and pages, it’s not solely for marketing pages. You just need to remember that if you use the Thrive Content Builder for posts or pages you can only edit those pages with the builder. If you revert to the WordPress editor you’re going to lose what you created (which also means you need to keep the plugin up to date and if for any reason you uninstall the plugin you will also lose what you created). I prefer using the styling and WordPress editor for my regular posts and pages for consistency throughout the site as well as not wanting to worry about any potential issues down the road.

Landing Pages with the Thrive Content Builder



What is my MOST favorite thing about the Thrive Content Builder?

Built-in landing page templates

And they’re not just ‘any’ templates, they’re GREAT looking templates that convert! I haven’t tested all the page templates for conversions myself, but I can tell you that the team at Thrive Themes does an amazing job providing content and testing their own tools. The team at Thrive not only creates great plugins and themes, they’re also great marketers. They’re constantly creating valuable content and videos on their site (showing you HOW to get better conversions using their products).

As someone who has a handful of different tools for creating landing pages (squeeze pages, whatever your word of choice is) – the fact that this is a ONE TIME purchase makes it a fantastic option for people who are just getting started using creating these types of marketing pages.

Another feature that makes this plugin so amazing is that they have ‘groups’ of pages (for lack of a better explanation). Much like Click Funnels (which is another conversation completely), you get a complete ‘funnel’ for your squeeze page (or sales page, etc.). Take a look at the screenshot below for one of the template styles. You’ll see that it has a few different opt-in pages, email confirmation and then lesson pages (this example is for a free video course for lead generation, i.e., an opt-in page).

This first video is going to show you how to select and edit a landing page as well as a little overview about the builder itself. If you want a more detailed overview of the editor you can check out the previous videos I’ve done by clicking the links above in this post.

Here’s a brief overview of what’s included with the Thrive Visual Editor:

[list icon=”icon: arrow-circle-right” icon_color=”#e05455″]
  • Click-to-edit Front end builder
  • Conversion boosting buttons & calls to action
  • Social proof testimonial boxes
  • Countdown timer and evergreen countdown
  • Customizable, responsive pricing tables
  • Customizable Content Boxes
  • Easy table of contents builder
  • … and more!


Now let’s take an overview look at Beaver Builder



Like I mentioned above, I use Beaver Builder for content and site pages (as opposed to marketing pages). What you’re looking at above is my previous homepage (before I updated my theme), which I created with Beaver Builder. In the overview video I’m just going to show you what it looks and how you use it. I’ve also found a new FREE plugin that will make using Beaver Builder even easier for Genesis users (who would have thought that were even possible, right?). I’ll show you the new plugin , DamBuster in the Beaver Builder video. If you’re not familiar with Beaver Builder I would watch the overview video first, then watch me create a page from scratch in the second video.

I do have another video and podcast interview with the team at Beaver Builder and you can check those out here:

Previous post and video on Beaver Builder

Podcast Interview with Beaver Builder

The screenshots below show you a preview of the Beaver Builder template windows.

The screenshots above shows only a handful of the Beaver Builder page templates that are available. I had a follow up interview with the guys at Beaver Builder recently (airing soon!) and they’ve let me know they’re going to be releasing new page templates soon (they’ve hired someone to work on new templates and have gone full time with Beaver Builder, so I think we’ll be seeing some more awesome stuff in the near future from Beaver Builder).

Here’s a brief overview of what is included in Beaver Builder:

[list icon=”icon: arrow-circle-right” icon_color=”#e05455″]
  • Live, front end editing
  • Shortcode and widget support (love me some shortcodes)
  • Mobile friendly / Responsive
  • Save and reuse rows and modules
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Supports Posts, Pages and Custom post types
  • Import & Export what you’ve created
  • … and more!

Let’s get into the videos!

Thrive Visual Editor & Beaver Builder Overview

Thrive Visual Editor

Beaver Builder

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So there you have it!

Still not sure which plugin to use? Try mapping out exactly what you want to accomplish with a visual editor and check both plugins for the features you need.

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  1. Excellent post, Kim – thank you.

    Haven’t used Thrive but for the past year I’ve been building all my sites with the “holy triumvirate” of the Genesis Framework, Dynamik Child Theme & Beaver Builder. As you mentioned, this provides all the strengths of Genesis with unlimited design capabilities. Great stuff!

    1. Thanks Tom 🙂
      Thrive tools are part of my core marketing arsenal (loved the ‘holy triumvirate’)and Beaver Builder is part of my core site building arsenal. And yep, I love that they both work great with Genesis.
      Have an awesome day!

  2. Hi Kim, hadn’t come across thrive themes before, but certainly looks slick. Beaver Builder have released their new templates in an alpha version, and they are drop-dead gorgeous … If you have a slow afternoon, it’s worth a peak for some oohing and aahing.

    Really enjoy your podcast by the way!

    1. Thanks Mark!
      And OMG now I will be down the rabbit hole for a bit today I’m sure with the BB new templates! I can’t wait to check them out!

      Thanks for the kind words on the podcast… 🙂 I love doing it!
      Have an awesome day!

  3. Hi Kim,

    Thanks so much for posting this information about Thrive and Beaver Builder. I’m a DIY who was getting super frustrated trying to learn and work with Headway Themes. I’m new to WP and was way over my head. I gave up and hired someone to create a website for me. What a nightmare that was! Long story short (after months and months of frustration), I fired them for several reasons. They asked for a second chance, I gave them one. They blew that as well…Ugh!

    Anyway, I was about to hire someone else when my “inner voice” encouraged me to do some research online for something user-friendly to build my own website. That’s when I found you and Beaver Builder. What a Godsend! I was super stoked like you can’t imagine.

    I’m mostly done with my website and proud of it. 🙂 I purchased Popup Domination for my opt-in before I found out about Thrive, but was really unhappy with it, so I’m about to purchase the Thrive Visual Editor. That looks like a much better product!

    Thanks so much for your helpful, down-to-earth posts and videos!

    1. Thanks so much Keno! 🙂
      So glad you found Thrive & BB and went with your gut to do it yourself.

      Just an FYI.. if you want a Thrive Product that will replace popup domination then get Thrive Leads. The visual editor is for pages & posts (great options for landing pages/squeeze pages, etc.). I use them both, just wanted to clarify in case you were only looking for a popup option.
      Have an awesome day!

  4. Thanks for writing this post Kim. I’ve been diving into page builders the last few weeks. I want to upgrade the end user experience when I handover sites to my clients. I found that using a good page builder also helps empower them as well.
    Are you planning on trying out the new divi theme builder?
    At first I ruled it out because I hate leaving shortcodes behind, but the new version looks pretty promising… and I already have a developer license. I might as well make the most of it.
    Now I am inspired to take a look at thrive and beaver builder when working with genesis.

    1. Hi Paris,

      You’re so welcome! 🙂 I had a lot of people asking me why I used both so thought it would make sense to do a post.

      I’m definitely interested in trying out Divi 3 with the front end builder when it comes out (their 100 days of Divi promo is killing me! haha… I want to try it now!). It looks really, really great. I’m a die-hard Thrive & BB gal, but there’s always room for more.

  5. Hi Kim. Great post. I found Thrive builder about a month after I started my WordPress experience and if it was not for them I would have given up on building my site a long time ago. I love their professionalism and their constant improvements and innovative products.

    I am now trying to build a second website which will be an Amazon Niche/Authority site, however, it seems (and I might be wrong here) that Thrive is not really geared towards this kind of sites. As an example, I can’t find a Thrive theme or template which would seem ideal for my affiliate site.

    Again; given my inexperience, I might be wrong on this, however, I would appreciate your feedback. Would you consider BB to be better to create Amazon Affiliate sites?

    1. Hi Vinny,
      Thanks so much.
      I use Genesis for all my sites and then use Thrive & BB for specific pages. For Amazon Affiliate sites, are you using a plugin to display a shop or is it content driven with links to Amazon products? It really depends on how you’re displaying it (more like ecommerce or more of a content/magazine style site).
      If you want to share a little more info. I’d be happy to make some suggestions. I know there are lots of Amazon affiliate plugins out there that make it easy to display products on your site. It really just depends on your approach. Assuming it’s a niche site (as opposed to a personal brand). If that’s the case, of the two I’d probably go with Beaver Builder and either their theme or a good free WP theme.
      Hope that helps

      1. Hi Kim

        Actually the site I built is more of a review site (, so it’s a content style site and I use the easyazon plugin. I used Thrive to set it up however as you can see it’s nothing to boast about, unfortunately. Would you think BB would have had more options to create a better looking home page in this case?

        On another note, you actually hit the nail on the head when you mentioned e-commerce style site. I would really like to set up a site where one of the pages is set with an ecommerce style layout, but with infinite scrolling. By any chance do you know if there is a particular theme for such a WP site?

        Thanks again

        1. Hi Vinny,
          Sorry for the late reply (just wrapped up a big house move).
          I would definitely go with Beaver Builder for the home page (and truthfully, most site pages in general. I tend to stick with Thrive for marketing pages- landing page, squeeze page, etc.).
          I’m doing a new theme for my site and have used Beaver Builder for the homepage as well (and will use it for resources pages and a couple other internal pages).

          I think most themes will have infinite scrolling. They’re dynamic based on the content on the page. I probably wouldn’t go too far down with infinite scrolling though. Think mobile as well.. that could be a really, really long page.

      2. What are you suggestions on building ecommerce site (woocommerce)? Is beaver builder good for building ecommerce sites etc? Use TCB to build landing page for specific product with copy?

        1. Hey Jeremy,
          I would probably use Beaver Builder for an e-commerce site.
          It all depends on what you’re selling and whether or not you’re going to create content on the site.
          Are you selling physical, digital or both?
          Are they your products or are they affiliate products (Amazon?).

          You can create what looks like a store with either plugin for affiliate products but I would use WooCommerce for your own products.
          Hope that helps!

  6. Great post! I have TCB but was considering BB, too. From what I understand, BB will not break if you change themes. Will your content break if you uninstall BB? Do you know if you need to renew BB to get future updates?

    That is the problem with some builders… once you use them you are stuck with them and need to renew them every year.

    I’ve been using DIVI for awhile now and have a love/hate relationship with it. It relies too much on custom CSS to get things the way I want them. The new DIVI 3 frontend editor has been a disappointment to me. Hard to maneuver around, add modules, sections, etc. and many times what I see is not what I get.


    1. Hi Bob,
      Thanks! Yes, BB has an annual renewal but they have a discount of 40% if you renew within two weeks of your license expiring. Your content won’t break if you uninstall BB (obviously you’ll lose the formatting). The nice thing with BB is that it also won’t leave behind a bunch of shortcodes to wade through.
      That’s a bummer about Divi 3.0. I have it but haven’t had the time to dive into it.

      I have an interview coming out with Ben Pines of Elementor… it’s a great page builder (which of course so is BB), you can try out the free version (which has a LOT in it).

      Thanks again Bob!

  7. That’s a wonderful review. However, My Preference still goes to Beaver Builder as it’s more developer friendly. Thanks for such a detailed analysis.

    1. Hi Jazib,
      That’s the beauty of having so many great tools to pick from :-). I’m a fan of both and will continue to use both for different reasons.
      Have a great day,

  8. Kim,

    I connected here from the studiopress forum – I was looking into whether the Thrive Landing page plug-in would conflict with Genesis and came on your post. I am new to using wordpress and am learning how to use the Studiopress Genesis system for my website. If you use “Beaver Builder for content and site pages” and Thrive Themes for “marketing pages”, then what do you use Genesis for? How does Genesis help you? I understand it is advertised as a “framework” the theme is supported by, but I’m not sure what that means.


    1. Hi James,
      I don’t use Beaver Builder on every page of my site. I prefer the post and page defaults in Genesis. There isn’t really a reason to have to ‘build’ a new page for every post or page (meaning using a visual page builder with different elements and features). So essentially I use Genesis as the base theme, then I use Beaver Builder for specific pages (like my home page), or a contact page, resources page, etc. I choose the Genesis theme for the ‘bones’ of the site if you will. I select the child theme for the basic features and go from there.
      hope that helps!

  9. Hi Kim,

    great post! You mentioned, that you use both builders on your site, but I wonder, can you actually use both builders on the same post/page?

    1. Hi Eva,
      No, you can’t use both on the same post or page. You might be able to use Thrive on a post or page that has Beaver Themer applied, but I haven’t tried it.
      Hope that helps!

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