Thrive Leads – Getting Ahead of the Google Update Coming in January

thrive leads

I like to think of myself as a low-maintenance kind of gal.

I’m truly all about the simple pleasures… and quiet. I have to admit that I’ve become a bit of a noise nazi as I’ve gotten older.

I like to tell myself it’s because what I do requires so much of my brain that I need the quiet to focus.
Yea… let’s just go with that for now.

I’m not someone who will spend a ton of money on a pair of jeans (no judgement here, to each their own).. but I will spend money on a massage or piece of software (well, I can write off the software).

As I get older I value experiences over stuff (and let me tell you, as much as I thought I wasn’t a keeper of ‘stuff’, after this move I want to get rid of more of my ‘stuff’! Not because I don’t want to move it again, which I don’t, but because my life feels lighter having less stuff around).

Then there’s the simple pleasure of having something you already love that gets better.

I’m having a ton of fun with the iOS update (I’ve heard there are some bugs but I haven’t had any issues. There are all kinds of cool new things you can do!). And being a fan of emoji’s I’m loving that they’re a little bigger and look better. I kind of feel like a kid on Christmas morning.

Another update I’m excited about?

Thrive Leads.

Not that I needed another reason to love Thrive Leads, but with the impending update coming from Google this January (the anti-pop-up update), Thrive has gotten ahead of things now and are supporting their customers by making this product easier to use to appease the almighty Google.

I’m sure there will be more updates and strategies coming from the team at Thrive, but for now, they’ve added the ability to turn an opt-in form off for desktop or mobile (or enable it, however you want to look at it).

Thrive Leads

Shane (of Thrive Themes), gave a great example of having a light box open on desktop and then using a footer ribbon on mobile for the same offer.

By turning the lighbox off for mobile and having a ribbon appear at the footer you’re not interfering with the user experience (they can still see your content) and you’re still growing your subscriber list.

Kind of genius (and seems obvious, right?)

I haven’t implemented this yet (I literally just got internet a couple hours ago! hallelujah!), but I’ll definitely be putting this into play with my light box opt-in forms.

You can keep light boxes in your content on mobile as long as it’s a activated by the user. So as an example, if you have a content upgrade and the user has to click a button for the light box to open, you’re fine. Google won’t penalize you for this.

Checkout Thrive Leads Here

O.K., that’s it for today!

I’ve got lots of catching up to do after the last 5 days (and all I want to do right now is sleep. At least it’s not hot today).

Have a great one,

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