Thrive Leads – AWESOME New Lead Generation Plugin [VIDEOS]

Thrive Leads

*Quick disclaimer*
In the videos I mentioned I would be doing a series of videos, which I will, but wanted to get the post & these two videos out first.

To say I’m excited about this plugin would be an understatement.

If you’ve been here at all in the past few months you’ve probably seen one of the videos I’ve done about the Thrive Content Builder (which I absolutely love). Well… the team at Thrive Themes are at it again! Yep… another plugin.

Thrive Leads

And it is AWESOME! (yes, you can totally start singing “Everything is Awesome” from the Lego movie).

You may or may not know this, but the team at Thrive Themes was also responsible for the Hybrid Connect plugin (list building and lead generation plugin). Hybrid Connect was great- but with the success of the Thrive Content Builder I think they decided to take lead generation to a whole new level (Hybrid Connect is no longer for sale).

I’ve made a conscious effort this year to focus on quality lead generation. Meaning, get clear on who my ideal audience/customer is, connect with them and provide value. The best way to do this is with tools that make it easier for you to focus on what you do best (providing value, right Creating content, sharing, connecting and engaging).

I’ve tested a bunch of tools, both plugins and web apps, and am pleased to say that Thrive Leads is without a doubt one of my favorites! 🙂 Out of the box it comes with every type of opt-in option you can think of for your site:

[list icon=”icon: check-square” icon_color=”#e05455″]
  • Ribbons (like what you see at the top of this post)
  • Lightboxes
  • Widgets
  • Post footer
  • Slider

Now, before you decide that you don’t like pop-ups, I’m just going to tell you that they work. Plain and simple. I’ve asked people this on social media a few times and the common response tends to be “I hate them, but they work”. Once they start working for you though my guess is that you’ll start hating them less.

My List Building Regrets

As soon as I started my online journey (8 years ago), I heard the term “build your list” or “it’s all in the list”.

Of course I got tired of hearing it and didn’t want to be ‘salesy’- and not paying attention to that advice is my biggest regret with everything I’ve done online. Not the products that didn’t do what I wanted or the webinars that didn’t convert. I wish I had stepped into this ‘list building’ thing YEARS ago- and I mean fully stepped into it.

There is a lot of dialog and opinions on line about building relationships, being authentic and telling your story. ALL great points, valid discussions and hugely important in creating relationships.

But this isn’t grade school.

We’re not looking for someone to hang out at recess with. We’re building businesses and businesses rely on customers.

Of course getting the customer (or lead, aka, potential customer), is just the beginning.

Building a relationship and engaging with your leads is not only important, it’s required.

What is often missing from building this relationship is something that took me a LONG time to grasp and is part of my focus for growing my brand and business this year. And I’m totally going to bogart this from the Thrive Leads webinar I watched a couple days ago:


Without getting into a big explanation and definition of relevance (because of course I know you know what it means), let’s look at this in terms of how it relates to lead generation and your business.

Is what you’re offering your potential lead relevant to where they are on your site at that very moment they have the opportunity to subscribe to your list?

Example: If you were reading this post, which is about lead generation and the Thrive Leads plugin,  then halfway down the page (or in the post footer) there was an opt-in for using Twitter plugins on your site it wouldn’t be very relevant would it? Not even kind of! 

It would simply feel like an interruption and you’d close the lightbox or ignore the post footer opt-in.

If I had an offer for an ebook or video on lead generation, building your list or a case study on using this plugin for lead generation it would be completely relevant and you’d probably opt-in.

Which is one of the benefits of using Thrive Leads.

Not only does this plugin come with multiple options for what type of opt-in you use (lightbox, slider, ribbon, widget or post footer), you can literally dictate exactly where it shows up, when it shows up (for certain options) and how it shows up.

That being said, let’s jump into the videos so you can see how easy it is to use this plugin and start building your list.

[divider top=”no” size=”2″]

Thrive Leads Lightbox


Thrive Leads Ribbon

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  1. Very helpful post Kim, thank you!

    I was looking for some wordpress page builder/drag and drop reviews, landed on Chris Lema’s site, he says that Velocity and Beaver Builder were the best for this, then clicked on your testimonial for Beaver Builder and found your awesome site! But then I see you talking about Thrive and now that’s looks awesome.

    I was super close to signing up for Rainmaker and upgrading to the pro version, but it soooo expensive and has some limits to it. But it does have some nice features like the landing page themes/builder, the podcast all in one plugins, membership sites, and the new learning LMS, and the free Authority membership. But the learning LMS is pretty basic and I much prefer just using or even roll my own with LearnDash or WP Courseware.

    But hosted LMS ( is a close 2nd) has tons of marketing features like a affiiate system, coupons and such, the payments are done there, and it’s just a mostly all in one solution, where I’d have to patch all that together with LearnDash/WP Courseware.

    My Question: can I just use thrive alone to start, like with a genesis theme like Parallax Pro or Alititude? or do you suggest doing both Beaver Builder and Thrive and a Genesis theme? I suppose also I don’t even really need a genesis theme at all if i just use one of thrives or BB’s?

    Sorry to ramble, but I think you’re on to something pretty awsome here to save tons of time getting a online marketing site up fast that’s similar to rainmaker, but without the high cost. I have a few online courses I need to promote from Udemy and soon Skillfeed/Skillshare and my own self hosting setup, probabley with

    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi James,

      Thanks so much for the awesome comment! 🙂

      Couple things:
      – I use Beaver Builder & Thrive for different things. My homepage is built with Beaver Builder (and I have a couple other pages I’m working on as well) and then use Thrive for marketing pages (squeeze pages, landing pages, etc.). My site is built on Genesis and I love Genesis- but I’ve also been playing with a couple of the Thrive Themes (this site: and really like them as well.

      If you’re looking to just build out your site I would recommend Genesis & Beaver Builder (Beaver Builder comes with multiple homepage templates and content templates).

      FYI- I just came across this the other day:
      It looks pretty promising depending on how deep you need to go.

      I think I need to do a webinar or at least a video series on the different builders. I also did a webinar recently with Matt Medeiros of Slocum Themes, Conductor plugin & the MattReport. The conductor plugin is amazing for being able to customize your content. It uses the WordPress customizer to create content layouts.

      Hope that helps.

      1. Hi Kim,
        thanks for your awesome post! I’m landed here searching for a good comparison between Thrive Content Builder and Conductor Plugin.
        I’m looking for something useful for build nice looking, well performing websites and landing pages but I don’t have many skills in coding and development, and I’m looking for something suitable for my needs. The main characters in this challenge IMO are GENESIS Framework and DIVI (and maybe THRIVE), the first representing the better SEO functionality, and the second representing the better design appearance and easy customization. About THRIVE it is very easy to use and their support team told me it doesn’t have any effect on SEO, but I don’t know so much regarding their themes. I need a solution that allow me also to provide websites and landing page for my clients, so the pricing is something about I’m taking care. The main questions I’m asking myself for are the following:

        1# It is true that DIVI has a bad performance on SEO, and there is something we can do to boost the SEO performance using DIVI?
        2# It is true that GENESIS Framework + one of their Theme is not so easy to customize for a non expert dev? There are some possibile solutions to solve this? Maybe with their GENESIS DESIGN PALETTE PRO? or with other page builder plugins like CONDUCTOR, or BEAVER BUILDER or PROFIT BUILDER or LIVE COMPOSER or even with THRIVE CONTENT BUILDER too?
        3# THRIVE CONTENT BUILDER seems a really good front end builder, it is fast and easy to use, but the main problem is that if u don’t purchase the yarly agency membership for 247$/year you CAN’T use for clients websites, and this is the main reason why I’m scaring to start with. Another reason is that they have a good offer of landing pages templates and some themes too, but I’m not sure what about their usability and moreover about their SEO performance, just because I didn’t find enough infos on the web.

        I really appreciate if you would like to share your point of view about that.

        Thank you very much. Paolo.

  2. I am so excited about this plugin! However, I’m sad that it doesn’t work with Hatchbuck. I *just* signed up with Hatchbuck, after a long search. I’m hoping Thrive Leads will integrate soon!

    1. Hi Deanna,
      It DOES work with Hatchbuck! 🙂 You just need to copy & paste the raw html form into the auto responder section. Let me know if you have an issue with this & I’d be happy to show you or do a quick video. 🙂

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