Thrive Content Builder – Landing Pages Update [VIDEO]


This post is long overdue, which means there is more than just landing pages to update you on with the Thrive Content Builder. But since in my last video I did a quick sneak peek of the landing pages that were coming in the next release and that release is out, I thought it was time I get you some updates on one of my absolute favorite tools! 🙂

Before you jump right into the video, let’s talk for a minute about landing pages and what they mean for your business.

There are a lot of varying opinions when it comes to landing pages, squeeze pages, sales pages… whatever you want to call them. But if you’re using WordPress for a business there’s absolutely no question that you should have these pages in place and be driving traffic to them.

I’ve said this over and over on my podcast, but every business comes down to three things:

Offers, Leads and Sales.


That doesn’t mean you don’t provide value, market with integrity and do the very best you can. It simply means without one of those elements you’re going to have a hard time (you need a compelling offer to generate a lead and you need a lead to make a sale. And of course you need something of value to offer for sale- but I’m getting ahead of myself).

Back to landing pages.

For the longest time in my business I simply had an opt-in form on my site with a small graphic for a lead magnet (the item you’re offering your potential lead in exchange for their name & email address). It took me way too long to start implementing these pages into my business.

I wish I had done it sooner.

There are a handful of great options available for creating landing pages for WordPress. Some will require monthly subscriptions or hefty one time fees – that’s not the case with the Thrive Content Builder. Not only is it totally affordable but they are constantly adding new features to the builder making it one of the BEST tools for available for marketing with WordPress.

Let’s go ahead and jump into the video on creating a Landing Page with the Thrive Content Builder.

Here’s the link to the previous Thrive Themes post & videos (with a free PDF download on the different elements available with the builder):

Thrive Content Builder


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