This Might Be A Wacky Idea…

wacky idea

I keep thinking that because I work for myself Friday shouldn’t feel like such a relief… I think it’s knowing I don’t ‘have’ to be productive (of course these are self-inflicted expectations, but it’s a cultural norm too).

Add to that a wide open day with no calls or appointments. Aaah….

A friend of mine was texting me this morning asking if I had any plans this weekend (specifically something soothing and relaxing).

I have zero plans.

Since I went away last weekend I don’t completely feel like a hermit…and will probably spend the weekend doing a mix of work and hanging out. Fortunately, the work I’m referring to is ‘creating’… content and training.

The other thing I’ll be doing a bit of is reading and learning.

I’m about a month out from launching something and I’m using Kajabi to deliver it, so I’ll be spending some time making sure I haven’t forgotten how to set things up and connect all the dots (and HOLY MOLY they just released something called Pipelines… which just saved me at least a full weeks worth of work).

The other thing I’m doing is a little reading and studying (could I paint a more boring picture of myself?).

I’ve decided that I’m building time into my calendar for this every week.

A dedicated morning (or probably afternoon) to read or study something. I have too many books and training programs that tend to be treated like something ‘extra’ that I’ll get to when I have time, as opposed to being part of ‘the work’.

Getting better at what we do doesn’t just mean we keep doing more of the same things we’ve always done.

As an example, I’ve been growing my subscriber list for years. After these many years in business (in my opinion), my list should (could?) be much bigger.

But I didn’t put much energy into building my list outside of having a lead magnet on the site.

The more I study copy, email marketing, and list building, the faster my list grows (of quality subscribers, I’m not someone who buys into having a BIG list. You can buy a BIG list… doesn’t mean you’ll make a penny from it if they’re the wrong people).

As I’ve dug deeper into mastery of the fundamentals (I swear I’m getting myself t-shirts that say #masterthefundamentals) my results have started compounding and my confidence in my skill set has grown exponentially.

So I want to test something.

Here’s my ‘wacky’ idea.

I was thinking of doing a book club. Study group? I don’t know exactly what this looks like, but it’s not going to cost a penny and will be pretty casual.

You all know I have a love-hate relationship with ClickFunnels (use it, don’t use, etc.), but it’s hard to deny that Russell Brunson knows what he’s doing.

I have his DotCom Secrets book and just ordered his Expert Secrets book.

I want to do book club as I go through the book and implement the strategies. You don’t need ClickFunnels (I don’t have an active account right now).

You just need to purchase the book and commit to reading it and doing the work.

I’m thinking two calls a month (if it takes off, we can do it weekly) and maybe a shared Google doc. Nothing major… just a group of like-minded individuals who want to support each other in getting better at what they do.

You in?

First, here’s the link to purchase the book:

Get Expert Secrets here

Yes, that’s an affiliate link. But if you’ve already purchased the book, that’s fine too.

Once you’ve purchased the book simply reply to this email and I’ll get the first ‘book club’ meeting on the calendar.

Wacky idea?

We’ll see :-), either way, it’s going to be fun.

And of course, I’ll be creating content around my ‘wacky idea’ (remember guys, everything is content).

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