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the SPARK was previously called, #FtheHUSTLE.

Liz Weaver

Designer & subscriber

I'm loving your newsletter Kim!

I literally laughed out loud at the quote! To all who aren't subscribing, it's a must! It's soooo good - every nook and cranny!

Kerry Lewis


Your email has inspired me to create a newsletter for my audience!

Hey Kim - just a quick thanks for a "really good" newsletter! I actually enjoyed reading it, unlike most of the junk that lands in my inbox. In fact, your email has inspired me to create a newsletter for my audience.

Autumn Hasset


Thanks for the great email!

Thanks for the great email - this was my first issue of F the HUSTLE, haha, and I loved it! Perfect to enjoy over morning coffee!

Here are just a few segments from "the SPARK" included in every newsletter.

the SPARK newsletter
Spark Spotlight

Each week I highlight and recommend a creator and one of their products. These are people who inspire, provide value, are doing their thing. 

Tool Time

I LOVE me some tools! My focus is on content creation, email, newsletters, and AI tools. I've either used them, use them, or wish I had more time to try them.

Featured Articles

An avid reader (don't get me started on how many newsletters I read), I'm always sharing articles that give tangible strategies, inspiration, or even just a good ol' fashioned 'how-to' article.

Hi! I'm Kim Doyal

Thanks for your interest in "the SPARK!"
I've been in this crazy, amazing world of online marketing since 2008. 

Widowed with two small children in 2003, I was determined to find a way to earn a living doing something I loved while being home for my children.

Fast forward 15 years and I'm more excited than ever before about all the possibilities an online business brings.
Financial freedom, new skills, relationships (friends all over the world), and the opportunity to leave a legacy.

I believe with every ounce of my being that we all have our own unique SPARK and the world needs us.


Kim Doyal

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