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I started this week off with an incredibly productive day.

Only to follow it with a day where I didn’t want to do anything 🤪. Everything I thought of doing felt like “meh.”

The day wasn’t a complete waste, though. I had a couple of calls scheduled; one was rescheduled, and the other was great.

As summer winds down, I’m already starting to feel a bit of a squeeze when I think about the last four months of the year.

To keep my sanity, I’m setting myself up to stay present, get the right work done, and stay the course.

Here’s what I’ve done.

First, I reviewed my calendar (Google) and ensured I blocked off all days off/time away.

Then, I took screenshots of each month and put them on ONE document that I could reference while writing things out (if you’re curious, all the green blocks are no-call days 😉).

Truth: After going to the trouble to put all four months in one image, it wasn’t that helpful after all. 😂

The next thing I’ve done (and will complete for each month) is write out the month on a two-page spread (by hand… you know how I like my colored pens) with the following:

  • Days off/out of the office
  • Tasks that happen weekly (newsletter, podcast, social)
  • My three priorities for the month (more than three, and all of a sudden, nothing feels like a priority)
  • Each week is broken into:
    • Calls (I really try to limit calls)
    • Then, list each of the three priorities and a specific task for each priority (I pick *ONE* task for each priority)

Red: my time off/out of the office, my standard ‘no-call’ days, and my weekly tasks.

Blue: lists my priorities

Green: dates of each week and that week’s calls

Orange: priorities & tasks (Purple at the end is a couple of personal notes).

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because I am on a mission to keep things simple and stay focused.

I use Asana with contractors, but I don’t want to use a project management tool for my work.

Writing things down by hand helps me remember them, and it gets me off the computer for a few minutes.

Now that I’ve done this, I’ll use the same journal to review how the month went, which means I’ll probably add notes to each week as I go.

Once I got all of this down on paper, where I could actually “see” it – I realized it was all manageable.

<INSERT A HUGE sigh of relief>

Provided I stick as closely to this plan as possible (at least by controlling the things I have control over).

Because this summer was super busy with family stuff (I’m grateful I was here for all of it), I want to stay put until I go to Costa Rica in October.

I may help my sister with something for work, but that would be one overnight trip – two days max.

To give my three priorities my focus and attention, I need to make sure I’ve built in enough downtime and white space.

So my weekends are mine.

Remember: Whatever processes, systems, or structures you have in your business, they have to work for YOU. You don’t need complicated software if that’s not your jam.

And yes, my October “spread” will be Halloween-themed. 🎃

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On that note…

I hope you enjoy the last day of August, and if you’re in the States, enjoy the long weekend saying goodbye to summer.

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