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There are very few things I regret in my life or business.

The few regrets I do have tend to be based on not having done something (i.e., I wish I had taken that trip, said yes to that opportunity, etc.).

Regret is such a heavy word, too, isn’t it?

Maybe a little too dramatic for anything marketing-related. 😉

That being said, one of the things I regret not doing sooner is putting time and energy into email marketing.

Another thing?

Not jumping into Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) offers sooner.

Hang on, hang on…before you click away…

I promise I haven’t started burning pumpkin spice candles yet, and I’m not here to rush the end of the summer (au contraire… I need more pool days).

But the fact that we’re in the middle of August already is an indicator that BFCM will be here before you know it.

And if you decide you want to try your hand at creating a valuable campaign that serves your audience AND you… I’ve got your back.

There are so many different types of campaigns you can run over that weekend (which feels like it’s kind of turned into a month, am I right?) without feeling like a bro-marketer or giving away the farm.

The one thing that can make a huge difference if you decide you want to run a Black Friday Cyber Monday campaign instead of just discounting your offers is to bundle them.

Meaning if you’re going to discount something, bundle it with something else to raise the cart value.

For example:

Let’s say you have two courses that complement each other. Their normal price is $197 for each.

Instead of offering them individually for 50% off, bundle them as one offer for 50% off ($197 for both).

Both courses are discounted by 50%, but you’re increasing your average order value.

Whatever you choose to do (if you choose to participate), it needs to work for both your audience and you.

Remember that many people intentionally wait until BFCM weekend to purchase courses, products, and services.

Let go of any preconceived ideas you may have about it being ‘right or wrong.’

Focus on your customers and remove the judgments.

I went a lot deeper on crafting a BFCM offer in this week’s podcast.

Listen to ​”Crafting a Feel-Good Offer for Black Friday Cyber Monday KDS:112″ here.​

Ideas to Power Your Future

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Speaking of newsletters, here are ​12 Newsletter Best Practices to Hook Your Readers (+ top examples).​

Ever wondered if the ‘preview text’ with your emails matters? According to Chase Diamond, they do. ​Here are 9 tips for writing click-earning preview texts (with examples).​

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Just when you thought KadenceWP couldn’t get any better… ​introducing Kadence blocks 3.1!​

I’m way too easily amused


This has been a busy few weeks. Actually, summer has been pretty busy, and I can’t believe it’s winding down already.

Next week I’m off to help my sister move my niece to college (a quick road trip to Southern California), and then bam.

One week left of August.

The last week of August is when Jason Resnick and I are hosting the first part of our two-part LIVE workshop to help you prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!


You’ll hear more about this up until registration closes, but this is going to be an incredible workshop.

​Click here to learn more and register for this two-part event!​

We’ve got limited space for the live event, so be sure to register early. And if you can’t attend live, it will be recorded, and you’ll get the replays and all the bonuses.

For all the parents out there…

If your kiddos have gone back to school, I hope it’s been a smooth transition for everyone.

Have a wonderful day,


the SPARK Newsletter

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