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When my kids were little, we used to go to the movies… a lot.

As a single parent, it always felt like it was something we could do together, but I didn’t have to be “on” for a couple of hours.

I’d even take our neighbor’s three kids (so yes, me & 5 kids to the movies), provided I could borrow their minivan to get us there.

Once my kids were older and doing their own thing, I’d often go to the movies by myself (never bothers me… it’s not like I’m talking to the person I go with 😉).

It was a way to unplug, check out, and end my week. I was one of those people that had a subscription to the theater (unlimited movies), and it more than paid for itself.

It was such a simple thing.

I still love movies, but after being in Costa Rica for two years, I’ve gotten out of the habit. I only went to the theater when I came back to California – so if I was lucky, I saw two movies a year.

I’ve always found it amazing how ONE simple thing can make such a big difference.

The crazy thing is we tend to think about or focus on MANY things – or at least think we can focus on many things. Because really, the definition of focus says otherwise:

You can’t really have more than one ‘center,’ – can you?

This brings me to a question for you to think about this week (and I’d LOVE to know your answer if you’re up for sharing, just hit reply and let me know).

“What is one thing, if accomplished, makes everything else you’re trying to do either easier or unnecessary?”

I heard this question in a YouTube video (the question was from Gary Keller, who wrote the book, ​”The ONE Thing”​).

The great thing about this question is that as soon as you accomplish that one thing, you can choose another ‘one thing.’

This doesn’t mean you only do one thing. It simply means you pick one thing to focus on accomplishing.

Now that I’ve picked my one thing for both brands (this brand and ​Create It​), I’m honestly floored at how much I accomplish each day without feeling frenzied.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

I’m enjoying my work more.

Sometimes before we can focus on one thing, we have to clean up a handful of niggly things. Here are the niggly buckets I’m clearing out right now:

  • Tech: finish setting up a few things I’ve been dragging my feet on and canceling tools I’m not using/don’t need.
  • Systems: I don’t need a lot of systems in my business (I’m keeping things SIMPLE), but in order to hire support, I need a few systems set up and scheduled.
  • Learning: I have one priority for learning right now, and that’s advertising. I have two great Facebook Ads courses I’ve partially completed, so I have to schedule the time to complete them (and consistently revisit them).

I separate the niggly things from the ONE thing (that, if I accomplish it, makes everything easier) because the niggly things are tasks that are ‘one and done.’

Get them off your plate, and they clear out brain space. 🧠

Another type of task is one I read from Amanda Goetz called “mosquito tasks.”

Nuff’ said, right?

Those are those pesky little tasks that, while not a huge priority, will stop buzzing around our brains as soon as we complete them.

Tasks like:

  • Scheduling an eye appt. (this girl is in desperate need of a new prescription)
  • Cleaning out a closet
  • Sending that over-due email
  • Giving the dogs a bath

You get the idea.

Initially, the niggly tasks might take up more time, but ideally, they create more space to focus on your one thing.

The niggly tasks and mosquito tasks will ebb and flow.

Sometimes we’ll have a lot, and other times we’ll feel unstoppable.

That’s just life.

Simply create a structure for yourself to keep these things in check (and maybe reframe how you think about them).

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How is it already August next week?!?

I’ve been enjoying the warm weather and will happily take a few more months, please…it usually stays warm in Northern CA through October, which is when I’m headed back to Costa Rica for the first-ever ​IGNITE Women’s Business Retreat!​

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Enjoy the last week of July before we have to really start thinking about planning for the remainder of 2023 (and hat tip if you’re already there).

Have a fantastic day,


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