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There was a concept I heard in a program I was in last year that deeply resonated with me as well as simplified things.

The concept was that we only have ONE ideal customer; it’s just that they’re at different stages of their journey. They called this your “champagne client” (the program was from Mariah Coz, a great program).

So, as an example, let’s say your niche is storytelling.

Your champagne client, who is a ’10’ on the continuum, is your target customer for your high-ticket storytelling program.

Let’s look at a few other points on the scale:

  • #1: They’re new to using storytelling in their business but have discovered they love it and want to learn more (new and eager to learn)
  • #4: At this stage, they’ve started dipping their toes in the water and integrating storytelling into their content (getting experience, taking action)
  • #7: By the time they hit this point, they’ve purchased a couple of storytelling frameworks (focused on mastery & improvement)
  • #10: They’re ready to invest in your immersive program (ready to level up)

Here’s a quick visual:

The beauty of the champagne client continuum is that you can use this as a guide for the content you create and share.

Meaning this is all the same person; they’re simply at different points on their journey.

Your content should always be aimed at your champagne client.

This doesn’t mean you don’t create content for people who are at the earlier stages of their journey, but that content should be more aspirational.

The people who aren’t at stage 10 all want to be, so you want to think about what content you can create that will inspire them to continue on their journey.

Here are a few examples of the type of content you can create:

  • Case studies: these are fantastic. There are a few ​newsletters ​and even a ​membership site ​that focus solely on deep dives into successful businesses.
  • Interviews: Interview people who are where your champagne client wants to be (start a podcast!).
  • Share your wins: It’s important that your ideal customers see you winning, too – they’re looking for wins in their own businesses.

The trick with creating content that talks to your champagne client is that you need to know who they are, what they want, and how you can help them solve their problem

Side note: You don’t need a high-ticket program or course at the end of this continuum. Start with where you’re comfortable.

Maybe you’ve been selling workshops for $47 and are looking to sell a $297 course.

That’s great.

The price point of what you’re selling isn’t what’s important here, it’s knowing who your champagne client is.

What’s most important to remember with this continuum and the offers you make along the way is that your offer at stage 10 is the only one that should include your time.

I’m all for doing a low-cost live workshop as a beta offer or test, but after the initial offer, once you have data and testimonials, you should put it on Evergreen (and increase the price if relevant).

In addition to your content and offers, knowing who your champagne client is will also dictate the type of lead magnet you create, the social content you create, and who you connect with online.

I’ve been digging much deeper into my own champagne client and where I want to take my business in the second half of this year.

As someone who tends to be “ready, fire, aim,” – I need to stop and pause. Often.

The crazy thing is that my “pause” often leads to getting where I want to be much quicker. 😉

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Now I’m off to pack to head down to my sister’s for a few days. We’ll be attending and celebrating my niece’s high school graduation and party.

My daughter is coming up for the celebration, and I look forward to spending time with the family.

Have a fantastic day,


the SPARK Newsletter

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