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One of the events we did as seniors in high school (way back in 88’… ouch), was a senior Bay Cruise (I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area – the ocean is just called ‘the Bay’).

I don’t remember much about the actual cruise itself, but I do remember the drive back with a few girlfriends (who are all still dear friends to this day).

One of those girlfriends is a friend I’ve known since kindergarten. 🤯

She’s one of those people that I always have fun with, no matter what we’re doing (we lived together in college for a while too).

On this particular night, we were a little hyper and started singing show tunes on the drive back (I literally have a Spotify playlist of show tunes I love… Wicked is my favorite).

The first song was fine, but the more we kept going the more we drove our friends in the front a little crazy. Which naturally fueled us to keep going. 🤣

Fortunately, they were used to us being a little hyper and putting up with it, but this memory (and many more with these women) stands out because it’s such a testament to who I’ve chosen to have in my life.

This story came up because lately, I’ve been thinking about the people I surround myself with in my business.

I can look back over the last 15 years of my online business and see that the people I chose to spend time with either pulled me up or dragged me down.

I’ve hit a stage in my life where I am extremely clear on my boundaries and what I want from my life, which is why I choose my friends and peers very consciously.

This is across the board in business:

  • Friends you speak with regularly
  • Groups you participate in
  • Connections on social media
  • People you hire/contract
  • Creators whose products you purchase
  • Mentors/coaches you hire
  • Companies you choose to do business with (products or services)
  • Clients you work with

If you were to go down that list and write down the first person or company that comes to mind, ask yourself “How do I feel?” when you think about them?

Do they challenge you to be your best self? (Note: your best self isn’t simply about achieving/accomplishing more, this is also about who you want to be).

✔ Do they encourage you when you need a pick-me-up?

Does the product/service/tool support you in creating the life you want?

The thing with getting clear on all of this is that it creates an incredible foundation (for your business AND life).

What would your “everyday day” feel like if you only worked with, communicated with, and engaged with people and companies that fueled you?

Pretty powerful, isn’t it?

This doesn’t mean you cut people out of your life. Some of our best teachers are the ones who don’t fit this role. That’s O.K.

Just be conscious about how they fit into your life.

And watch the magic start happening. 😉


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signier sign

I hope you all had a great May and are starting to feel the warmth of summer coming on (and to all my Australian/New Zealand friends… happy winter?).

I love the warmer days and definitely appreciate the light later in the evening. I’m always surprised when I look at the clock at night and think it’s probably around 6, only to have it be 8.

As we wind down the first half of this year (what is the actual bucket, right?), I hope you can take some time to reflect on how the first half went and where you want to be by the end of the year.

A little planning and intention goes a long way.

Have a wonderful day, Kim

Kim Doyal

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the SPARK Newsletter

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