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Yesterday I hosted a bonus workshop for customers who purchased ​”Create It – The Content Planner” ​during our presale.

I decided to test the waters with what I’ve been doing with ChatGPT to see if I could use the 9-step content strategy in the planner and use ChatGPT to help me plan out the entire strategy.

Mind blown. 🤯

Before the workshop, I let people know it would be best if they had mapped out their Bigger Picture (where they want to be in 12 months time) and defined their audiences.

I had already created the content strategy for ​Create It​ and used that to record a free training course for customers who purchased the planner.

So in a way, I was one step ahead of the game.


The magic with ChatGPT happens when you take the output it gives you and you adjust the “conversation.”

If you’re going to test using ChatGPT (or any AI tool for that matter), get out of your head.

The more “you” you bring into your prompts and workflow the more fun you’re going to have and the more possibility you’ll see with this new technology that, let’s face it, is a game changer and is here to stay.

Here’s a fun little test I did for myself this week.

In a recent call with my mentor, she asked me if I had a personal mission statement – which I don’t. I’m sure at one time or another I tried this, but it felt too forced (too corporate maybe?).

After a couple of Google searches for writing a personal mission statement (boring)… I decided to ask ChatGPT.

Check this out 👇:

personal mission statement guide

What the BUCKET?!?!

I’m going to take my time and write out my response to all of those, and then come back to craft the actual mission statement, but here’s what else I see with this…

I’ve been needing to update my “About” page on my website for a while now… guess where I’m going to get the inspiration? Yep, my personal mission statement.

My suggestion to you, if you haven’t started playing with this technology but are even remotely interested, is to start with something fun (remember my mantra: “If it’s not fun, I’m not doing it.”).

Ignore all the bro-marketers (and bro-creators… which feels like the same story, different space, but more on that another time) who are selling “1000 ChatGPT prompts” (FFS, who on earth needs 1000 prompts?! “WHOEVER HAS THE MOST TOYS WINS!” 🤮)…

… find a way to use this tool (because that’s all it is), to support what you enjoy doing and what you’re already focused on.

Growth in Reverse

​Chenell Basilio of Growth in Reverse.​

I think I first came across ​Chenell on Twitter​ and am so grateful I did. I’ve shared some of her deep dives and given her a shoutout before, but thought she’d be perfect for the Spark Spotlight!

This is probably one of my ​top 5 newsletters ​I read as soon as I see it. You won’t be disappointed! It’s like a masterclass in each issue.

✔ Twitter looks like it’s finally adding a few more editing features. Read “Twitter’s New Text Formatting Options Move a Step Closer” here.

✔ As much as I love organic content, paid traffic is a game-changer. Read ​”Here’s how we added 834 subscribers to our list from March 9th to March 22nd for just $24.68 through FB ads.”​

✔ A simple, easy-to-follow SEO blog checklist from one of my favorite companies. Read, “​Blog Post SEO checklist”​ from ​beehiiv​ here.

Featured tool:

I honestly can’t believe this tool is free (there is a paid version)… I use the free version when I host workshops (free or paid). With a beautiful registration page, follow-up emails, and a central place to collect testimonials?


Love it.

​Use free here.​

Noteworthy: Only two weeks after the debut of ChatGPT4, here’s an incredible list of what’s been created. ​Read the thread here.​

Tool: A Chrome extension for summarizing TikTok videos (great for ideation). I know this creator and he’s been using TikTok for 4+ years, quite successfully. ​Try TokGPT here.​

Newsletter: AI-Zing news with Ava. This is always packed with great information & updates. Primarily curated, but easy to digest. ​Subscribe free here.​


I am so, so ready for a new month and more blue skies.

My transition to California has been… “eventful.”

This past week brought a call to 911 for my Dad, followed by 3 days in the hospital (he’s O.K., he has a history of heart issues).

I’m grateful I was here with him, but since this is the temporary landing spot for me I’m hoping this has him thinking about moving closer to family & doctors.

Sometimes a little contrast goes a long way in getting clearer about what we want, but for now, I’m taking it one day at a time.

Have a wonderful day my friends, Kim

p.s. I have had the BEST time doing these ​chat Powered Strategy Sessions! ​Click the image below to book yours!

“You gave me a PhD in ChatGPT”

– Rebecca Havard


the SPARK Newsletter

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