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One Thing

Nothing like a midday email to keep things interesting, right?

I had a podcast interview this morning and it was AH-MAZING. It might sound trite when I say that I enjoy all my interviews, but it’s true. I can honestly tell you that I’ve learned something from every single guest I’ve had on the show.

Today it just so happens that my guest is a master with the things I’ve been studying over the past couple of years. I also think there’s a solo episode coming out of all this about “wishing I had done this sooner.” I’ll fill you in on my guest in a minute, but if you’re someone who skims through these emails, this is worth reading.


Because THIS is the stuff that will make you money. This is what will change how you do business, how you market, who you market to and how to sell your products and services.

This isn’t about:
– what plugins to install
– new theme releases
– code snippets
– Facebook ads
– Snapchat
– Instagram stories
– list building
– webinar strategies
– membership programs
– the latest offering from your marketer of choice
… you get my point.

It’s about what has to happen BEFORE you implement any of those tactics.

You have to know how to communicate with your right audience.

What do people want? What is their pain? Why do they want to be on your list? How do you get people’s attention?

So many times we look at what other people are doing and think that’s how we’re supposed to do things, so instead of digging in and doing the work (having conversations, asking questions, getting feedback, testing something out), we ‘decide’ we know what people want and ‘come up’ the solution.

Here’s a great example that I’m seeing over and over and over again with Facebook ads…

“Are you tired of _____”,
“Sick of all the ______”,
“I was going to pose in a Lamborghini, but ______”
“I was broke and unemployed, but then I _______”
“Ignore what the guru’s say, I _______”


More people bitching and taking the same “anti-guru, I’m calling bullshit” angle on messaging.

Is it working? It might be. But my guess is that all of that is running its course and close to being ineffective.

So why do we see it over and over and over again?

My theory?
People aren’t doing the right work. You can create ALL the lead magnets, posts, funnels, and ads you want… but if they’re not converting, it’s likely you’re missing this piece of the puzzle.

Here’s a quote from the book I wanted to share with you today, by Brian Kurtz & Craig Simpson (Brian was my interview this morning):

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”

I PROMISE you (bold statement, I know), that THIS is what will shift things in your business.

Take the time to study this stuff, then implement it.

Live streaming, podcasting, and video may be ‘new media’ (in comparison to old direct response marketing), but they’re just the medium. You still need to master this stuff.

Here’s an interesting screenshot from a poll we did in Content Creators:

content type

While many people selected more than one content type, you’ll notice that written content is still the primary form of content people create.

Everything you do in your business comes back to these fundamentals.

I totally get it… it’s not sexy. It’s not exciting… at first. Once you start focusing on these things and doing the work it gets exciting.

If you feel like you’ve been hitting a wall in your business or are stuck in the same place (same story, different day), then I would highly recommend you go backward.

Master the fundamentals.

Pick something and focus. Put everything you can into it and see what happens.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out the book I referenced above by Brian Kurtz & Craig Simpson:The-Advertising-Solution

“The Advertising Solution – Influence Prospects, Multiply Sales, and Promote Your Brand” 


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