The Next Journey with Cory Miller

Cory Miller

I know I talked about connecting with Cory Miller recently at the R3 event and knew I wanted to have another conversation so we could go a little deeper.

Cory is one of those people that I felt like I had known forever the first time we met and it feels that way every time we talk.

I’ve never been interested in building a company and selling it, so I was very curious to know what that was like for Cory. He spent 10 years building his company, iThemes and then made a difficult decision to sell to LiquidWeb. Besides the business side of that story, I was interested in how that impacted Cory and his team. It wasn’t a decision he took lightly because the people at his company were like family to him. He had grown with them, mentored them, spent time them outside of work and wanted to see them continue succeeding.

Beyond the business conversation, I knew we’d be able to talk about some of the “harder” things we all experience but don’t always know how to discuss or share.

Cory was very transparent about the personal challenges he faced and how it impacted his life and well-being. Because of his own personal journey, he’s very passionate about mental health and is on a mission to help get rid of the stigma in seeking treatment or professional help when we need it.

And of course, as the title implies, we talked about the next journey for Cory and where this path is taking him.

I'm trying to do a similar thing again, which is to start something that is good and sustainable and rewards me and I can build a team that cares for clients and people. @corymiller303 Click to Tweet

Questions I Asked Cory

  1. Can you share a little bit of your story with the audience who doesn’t know you?
  2. What made you decide to sell iThemes and how did that acquisition come about?
  3. What are some of the things you’ve been evaluating for this next journey?
  4. What are your thoughts on starting another technology or software company?
  5. What challenges do you think entrepreneurs face with mental health and asking for help?
  6. How can entrepreneurs get their mindset right and make that the priority on this journey?
Sharing those stories and building that network I think is part of that. The part that helps to change the mindset. @corymiller303 Click to Tweet

What You’re Going to Learn

  • How Cory launched iThemes
  • The writing he saw on the wall that helped him make the decision to sell
  • What is (and why he started it)
  • The moment he was brought to his knees (and how he got through it)
  • How being vulnerable and sharing his story helped shape his new trajectory
  • What he would tell his 10-year old self

Where to Connect with Cory

Website | Twitter | YouTube

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