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PInterest traffic

Does it feel like the only way to get traffic to your site (or grow your business at less than a snail’s pace) is to do paid traffic?

I know I’ve felt that way for a while (and am adding paid traffic back into my business, but not in the same way I’ve done it in the past). Anytime someone can show me a free traffic source that won’t consume half my time or overwhelm me, I’m all in.

The crazy thing about this is that I had been using this traffic source in the past, I just stopped. I was a little fanatical about it when it first came out, but it was more about having fun than anything else.

I had a podcast interview with someone in this space early on (*I just went to her site & saw it was acquired by an app that supports this platform) and even though she ‘sold me’ on using it as a traffic source, I still dropped the ball (no judgment here, with too many balls in there air one eventually will drop, right?).

Then my good friend, Allegra Sinclair, spent a couple hours on Skype with me on a recent Sunday and I was BLOWN away.

What is this free magical traffic source I’m referring to?



I was quite enamored with Pinterest when it first came out. I jumped into the tools that hit the market (one was Pinerly… I even did a PDF and guide on using Pinerly, which doesn’t exist anymore) and could see the results from my pins.

Then it became one of those places that I pushed content too, as opposed to figuring out how I could best use the platform.


My prediction: As the market has matured for these platforms, we’re going to see people investing more time to properly use all these channels, not just pushing content for vanity metrics. People who are serious about their business and are in this for the long game are going to be investing time and energy into doing this strategically and with quality content.

I may botch the numbers here (forgive me Allegra), but here are just a couple examples of some of the results Allegra has seen with Pinterest since earlier this year.

I believe it was March or April, but she went from 13k monthly views to… ready for this? ONE million just recently. WAIT… before you think I’m being dramatic, these are the monthly views on her Pinterest profile.

How does that translate into website traffic?

1000 page views per day from Pinterest!

How do you think getting one thousand more page views to your site, per day, would help your business?

I’ve asked Allegra to do a live stream in Content Creators next week showing you what she’s done to get these results and how she’s created a Pinterest strategy for traffic & growth.

The live stream will be hosted in Content Creators, so be sure you’re a member and that you register for the event.

Live Stream Details

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018 at 10:00 am PST

Content Creators Facebook Group

AND… for what it’s worth, I spent maybe an hour implementing a few of the things Allegra shared with me (I have a lot more to do), and increased my monthly views by 2k in two days. 😉 (I haven’t looked at Google analytics yet). I’ll send out a Messenger reminder for the event as well (this will ONLY be in the Facebook Group).

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