The Course & Product Platform I’ve Been Waiting For (FINALLY)


I am beyond giddy that it feels like fall today.

Windows open, cool breeze, sweatshirt on, hot cup of tea… ahhh… simple pleasures right?

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know how much I love my tools (used to be to a fault).

Fortunately, I’ve been able to ‘stay in my lane’ a little better (so to speak).

I don’t go sideways with every shiny object that comes my way.

Unless it is something that is directly related to what I’m working on or the core focus of my business, then I don’t give it much thought.

Hey, it’s progress, right?

Well, last week when I shared DocketWP with you I also mentioned my never-ending dilemma in searching for the ideal platform for courses.

I’ve used most of them (obviously I don’t know all of them), and while many have been great, I don’t really “love” any of them.

There have been a few times where I’ve wondered if it was a mistake getting rid of my Founders account with Kajabi…

But really that only comes down to the fact that it was a good deal (heck, an amazing deal). The platform itself wasn’t what I wanted (and there were too many limitations).

Because of the direction I’m moving in with my business, I want to LOVE the course and product platform I use.

And as much as I love WordPress, I simply don’t want to manage that all within my site.

I *THINK* all of that is about to change.

The creators of the giveaway software Vyper are about to release a brand-new product…

Drumroll please…

Enter Hyax

(I’ll have to ask Jack Paxton, one of the creators, what is behind the name).

Not only does Hyax look SUPER clean and easy to use, but get this…

You can sell:

  • digital products
  • physical products (yes! even with variations)
  • courses
  • memberships


AND… you can create ALL your funnel pages within Hyax too!

BUT… this isn’t like Kartra or some of those other ‘all in one’ platforms. The simplicity of the design and ease of use will make it easy for ANYONE to get up and running.

Oh.. and you can even build your own Shopify style store within Hyax (they have store templates with more coming).


Get on the beta list and at least watch the video overviews yourself (so far they’ve released the Overview, Products, Funnel pages, Store, and today they released the ‘Courses’ video).

I’m actually excited about moving everything, as much work as it will be, I truly think this could be my happy place.

Oh… and yes, you can build opt-in pages (squeeze and landing pages). The page builder looks ridiculously easy to use as well.

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