Testing Free Chat Software … and I LOVE It!

One of these days I’m going to learn when to leave things alone.

Not everything needs to be done NOW.

Because my daughter was home for Thanksgiving we decided to get all the Christmas stuff up and get the tree on Friday night when we got home from my parents house. My daughter started decorating while my son & I went out and got the tree (and some firewood… the new house has a wood burning fireplace and I’m thoroughly enjoying it!). After we got the tree in the stand we did a little cleanup and called it a night.

Then yesterday after my daughter left (and got most of the lights on the tree… the job no one really likes), I thought I’d keep going. I got the left over decor put away (this house has less places to put decor) and decided I should probably get the mirror mounted on the wall in the dining room (it’s been sitting on the hutch since we moved in a few months ago).

I should have left this alone… I was a little fried by this point.

And the mirror is super heavy.

I got the drill, put the molly bracket & screw in the wall and hung the mirror (it’s supposed to hang above the hutch in my dining room). But it wasn’t quite centered over the hutch (the smart thing to do would have been to move the hutch an inch… but that’s not what I did).

I thought I could ‘slide’ the mirror over… so proceeded to attempt this, without success.

The super thick hanging wire on the back snapped in half and the mirror slipped (fortunately it didn’t fall & break) behind the hutch. Of course I couldn’t lift it out from where I was, yelled for my son (who could have helped me had I asked) but he didn’t hear me because he had his headset on.

It’s now sitting on the hutch (again) with a screw in the wall above it and I have to either: get the wire fixed on the back of the mirror or get a new mirror that doesn’t weigh so much (the thought of trekking this mirror out to get a new wire is not appealing right now, but probably what I’ll end up doing).

SO… even though I had the right tools to do the job, it was a job that should have been left for another day (and an extra person!).

Plus, my kind of tools aren’t drills and hammers.

They’re tech tools 🙂 .

I love me some tech tools whether it’s a plugin or an app. The latest tool I found and am testing is a web app.

And guess what?

It has zero cost (I keep trying to get creative about writing ‘no cost’ so my emails don’t get marked as spam).

It’s a chat widget for your website.

We’ve all seen these on the web for a while now, right? Intercom is used on a lot of web apps (for questions on the site and once you’ve logged in for support).

Because I don’t have a software tool or ‘store’ on the site (yet), I didn’t think I needed a chat app.

I’m happy to say I was totally wrong about this. I installed the chat app a few days ago and have received a couple messages A DAY! One was about subscribing to the newsletter, someone else contacted me because one of the coupon codes was wrong on the Black Friday page, a couple more were inquiries to be included on the Black Friday page… you get the point.

I made it way easier for people to get in touch with me (without having to go to the contact page) and they did.

I’m LOVING this.

It’s called FreshChat (you can test it on my site if you want… just click the little image of my face in the circle on the bottom right on my site) and you can grab it for the whopping price of zero dollars.

You can customize it to match the colors on your site as well as the messages. If you sign up during beta you can get it at the zero dollars price forever (when you sign up it takes about 24 hours to get approved. I’ve signed up for another account for Hustle Free too).

Checkout FreshChat here

If you try it out, let me know what you think.

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