Teachery… An Easy Solution to Create and Sell Courses


Cue the choir…


That’s how I felt last night.

As part of my mission to simplify things (in my business and my personal life), I’m always on the lookout for what can help me achieve this goal.

I’m not one of those people that uses productivity apps to keep me on target with things because all that does is make me feel like I have one more thing to check in with. The closest I’ve come to something like that is the fitbit.

But I don’t always have that on either (which is funny considering I’m walking more and have to go up and down stairs everyday).

If I’m going to write something down for accountability I use good ol’ pen & paper or a simple list in Evernote or Bear (similar to Evernote, but a little simpler even). I’m also playing with Google Keep (which is what I’m leaning towards using for day to day tasks).

I don’t want to spend more time using tools that are supposed to be helping but just feel like another task (hmm… this is definitely a perspective challenge).

That’s how I’ve felt about creating courses.

I want to keep things SIMPLE.

I’ve used most WordPress membership plugins.

They all do what they’re supposed to do, but then you have to figure out how you want your content displayed (after connecting your payment gateway and auto responder… and any other integration you need).

Then New Kajabi was released last December.

I bit the bullet and invested (and I do mean invested because you pay for the year upfront. No monthly payment options. They also had the longest product launch in the history of the internet…. maybe. It felt like it anyways).

You’ll notice that you haven’t seen me offer any type of course this year, right?

Even though I put a few things in New Kajabi, I’ve never promoted anything because even though I’ve put them in and are ready for sale something felt disjointed to me.

I’ve tested it and know it works, but for some reason I never pulled the trigger.

Then I found Teachery.

I came across Teachery a year or so ago but didn’t look any further into it.

Then I bought a course on Appsumo which was in Teachery and was like “what… is this?!”

Right now they only integrate with two email auto responders, so I emailed them about Active Campaign and got a response from Jason (the founder), within minutes. The integration is coming but he sent me a link to show me how to export customers so I can import them into Active Campaign.


So last night I jumped in and put my Thrive Opt-in Funnel course into Teachery (adding the videos & downloads today). It took me all of 30 minutes.


Finally. An easy way to get courses up for sale.

Teachery integrates with Stripe and has no transaction fees (they used to… I’m going to have Jason on the podcast.. I asked him yesterday already… and will ask him why they got rid of transaction fees, which is awesome).

The checkout pages are beautiful, they have a few different templates and you can customize the colors.

I’ll be doing a video of using Teachery soon… but I wanted to share it with you today (they don’t have an affiliate program so these aren’t affiliate links. 😉 ).

Oh… and did I mention you can start for free?

The great thing is that if you purchase someone else’s courses they also show up in your account (so you don’t need multiple separate logins).

Everything is in one place.

My goal is to get all my stuff up in Teachery asap, then create a ‘shop’ page with Beaver Builder on my site. I have a landing page for my Thrive Opt-in funnel course (built with Thrive Content Builder of course).

This might sound complicated, but I can tell you it’s easier than anything else I’ve done (WooCommerce is way more than I need for digital products).

Checkout Teachery here

Now… back to getting my videos up and into Wistia, then embedded into Teachery.

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