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Talking Design

Publishing this episode is long overdue. Piccia and I recorded this months ago (I’m catching up on the backlog).

The beauty of this though is that it doesn’t matter… everything Piccia talked about is timeless, relevant, and will help you get your design skills up to speed. Piccia and I connected years ago (I can’t quite remember exactly… think it was 4 or 5 years ago, but we didn’t really get to knowPiccia Neri each other until this year). Piccia has an amazing background, which I realized I didn’t really know much about her journey here (which goes to show you that even if you think you’ve shared your story, there are always going to be people who don’t know it. Don’t assume everyone has read your ‘about’ page if that is where you’ve shared your story).

Piccia studied art history, in both Italy & Spain (I wish it was more common for American students to study abroad), received her masters in London, got bored with theory and worked with the British Film Institute.

Just to give you a little background as to where her design chops come from.

Questions I Asked Piccia

  1. Can you share the journey of what brought you here?
  2. Since you’ve been in the WordPress space for a while now, what are your thoughts on where things are heading?
    1. Pricing ecosystem
    2. Page builders
    3. marketing
  3. What do you see people missing with design and their WordPress sites?
  4. How should non-designers approach branding and messaging?
  5. What are your courses about?
  6. What’s coming for you the remainder of the year?
You can't do a website without branding and messaging. @picciaClick To Tweet

What You’re Going to Learn

  • What is Gestalt psychology (and how designers & developers can use it)
  • Why design in a process, not just styling
  • What people continue to do but aren’t necessarily right
  • Why doing typography correctly is vitally important
  • Why she started a Facebook Group (and who it’s for)
  • Why you need to know your message before having your site designed
It's designed from the point of view of the non-designer. It's going to give you a fantastic solid framework to work from. @picciaClick To Tweet

Where to Connect with Piccia

Website | Facebook Group


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