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Storrito Instagram App

Yes, this is another tool I’m using and loving.

Before we jump into the interview, let me just say that as much as I love watching Instagram stories, I don’t always want to record video of what I’m doing because quite frankly, it’s not always that interesting. AND… there’s always the added issue of having to ‘get ready’ to be on camera (if and when you see me on camera with no makeup, it’s safe to say I’ve had a huge growth moment).

My other challenge (which I’m getting over also), is that I tend to still prefer doing things on my computer as opposed to my phone. Mainly because I can type way faster on my computer than my phone. Obviously, with where everything is heading (mobile first), I’m not clinging to anMax Weber of Storrito ideological concept that I’ll always be doing most things from my computer (although I’ve got my eyes on the new iPad 9.7 because it works with the Apple pencil, I digress).

I first found Storrito on Product Hunt and it’s been a game changer! I do think I’m going to test a little batch creating, but either way, you’re going to love this tool.

Let’s jump into the interview with Max Weber of Storrito!

Questions I Asked Max

  1. What’s your background? (what were you doing before Storrito)
  2. How did your team come together?
  3. Where did the idea for Storrito come from?
  4. What were some of the challenges of getting the app built?
  5. Tips on using stories?
  6. How can someone use stories for growth?
  7. What’s coming for the app?


What You’re Going to Learn

  • How they funded the development of the app
  • Why solving a problem is always the way to go
  • The easiest way to create stories
  • The challenges they faced with story posting not being supported by the API
  • How they decided which features to launch with?
  • The frustrations with coming up with story content
  • Why they’re building a phone app as well

Where to Connect with Max & the Storrito Team desktop | Storrito on Instagram

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