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There’s nothing like getting good sleep to get some momentum going. I think this is the side effect of my road trip. I needed the sleep when I got back and I made it happen.

Now I’m feeling like a little bit of an energizer bunny, and I’m going to run with it until I crash.

Something I’ve been ‘secretly’ working on in the background and haven’t talked about (at all), is a virtual summit I’m planning. I signed up for Navid Moazzez’s ‘Virtual Summit Mastery’ in the fall and have been working through the course. Fortunately, I already knew what the summit was going to be on, have the relationships, and can get the pages up pretty quickly.

I finally kicked myself into gear yesterday and started scheduling the recordings. EEEK! (this is the momentum I was referring to).

I sent out 13 requests (goal is 24 guests, it will run for 3 days… possibly 4 to keep the days a little shorter and the live sessions at better times), got 12 yeses, and 4 scheduled.

Now it’s go-time, right?

The summit will be either the last week in February or the first week in March (I’m thinking the first week in March), depending on the speakers. As excited as I am, I’m also a wee bit nervous.

Not to do the sessions, but to pull all the pieces together.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a huge fan of administrative tasks but I’ve decided that I’m going to enjoy them for this summit. I’m consciously choosing to shift my perspective on doing this work.

I also know that making the decision to enjoy the process will make the everything go off that much smoother.

Clearly, I seem to be on a ‘mindset’ kick right now (if you didn’t read yesterday’s email, be sure to check it out. I talked about my mindset around money and how it’s shifted).

Part of all this mindset stuff has come from my word for the year (it’s really more of a phrase). A lot of people will choose a ‘word’ for the year (trust, inspire, execute, believe, receive, etc.). I hadn’t done this before but when a friend shared her word for the year and asked me if I had done it something jumped out at me right away.


More importantly to…

“Get comfortable with discomfort.”

In other words, do those things that you want to do, even if it means having that nervous pit in your stomach.

Such as…

– get on camera more (pretty comfortable with this)
– publish more on other platforms (such as Instagram stories)
– reach out and build NEW relationships
– start building your ‘dream 100’ list (connect with about 100 people you want to connect with)
– host a few virtual summits (I LOVE this model)

SO… today I have a few people I’ll be reaching out to (cold outreach) to have on the summit. The worst thing that can happen is they say no, right? 🙂

One of my go-to tools that I’m using for the virtual summit (which by the way is called ‘Content Creators Summit’) is Thrive Architect.

I was thrilled when Navid (Virtual Summit Mastery) said he uses this for his summits AND that they had an entire set of templates we could use. BAM!

You’ll hear more about this course later (I can honestly say it’s one of the best courses I’ve purchased), but to have everything handed to you is pretty amazing. You just have to implement.

Thrive Architect continues to add amazing page templates for funnels and landing pages as well as improving the performance of the plugin. Two recent updates included optimizing load time of the pages and a better way to customize your landing page fonts.

I’ll be sharing the pages I create with you very soon, but in the meantime, if you haven’t looked at Thrive Architect for building all your landing pages and sales pages, check it out!

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  1. Hey Kim,

    Just a quick note to say hi and pleased to meet you. Also a heads-up: the thrive plugin shortcodes are showing throughout the site at the bottoms of your posts.

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