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Get ready to join the SPARK Collective -

the thriving community for forward-thinking female founders seeking collaborations that catalyze success, launching September, 2023.

It's time for women to amplify each other.

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Hey, game-changing founder! 

You built your business leveraging grit, passion, and vision. But now you're ready to accelerate growth even more.

The solution is coming soon - "the SPARK Collective," launching this September.

- Brainstorm with a circle of fellow phenom females across industries

- Receive introductions to potential partners, affiliates, or sponsors

- Get matched with niche newsletters or podcasts for highly targeted swaps

- Collaborate on game-changing joint ventures and partnerships

- Gain visibility through community spotlights and features

- Plug into an energizing space where women lift each other up

- Access workshops and training on reaching the next level

- Forge friendships and community with like-minded women

- Share your wins and challenges in a space built on support

- And so much more - this sisterhood sparks limitless opportunities!

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Hi! I'm Kim Doyal

Thanks for your interest in the SPARK Collective!

I've been in this crazy, amazing world of online marketing since 2008. 

Widowed with two small children in 2003, I was determined to find a way to earn a living doing something I loved while being home for my children.

Fast forward 15 years and I'm more excited than ever before about all the possibilities an online business brings.
Financial freedom, new skills, relationships (friends all over the world), and the opportunity to leave a legacy.

I believe with every ounce of my being that we all have our own unique SPARK and the world needs us.