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Welcome to ‘Kim Snippets’ #2

Before I get into this episode of the podcast and my second official ‘Kim Snippet’, I want to point something out to you guys (which is simply a reminder).

Content is EVERYWHERE and ALL AROUND you ALL THE TIME! (excuse the crazy caps here, but there’s a method to my madness, which is emphasis, not shouting per se).

This episode was inspired by something I saw on social media recently and has been something I’ve thought about often. It’s one of those things that once you start thinking about this and REALLY look at the reasoning behind this (assuming of course this resonates with you), you’re going to be amazed at how often people do this. AND… you’re going to be very conscious that you don’t become one of ‘those’ people.

Let’s start with the post I saw on Facebook that inspired today’s snippet.

Someone posted a little bit of a ‘rant’ (and hear my heart, I love a good rant as much as the next person… but remember your rant says a LOT about YOU, not just what you’re ranting about) on Facebook about someone who had started a crowdfunding campaign to start a blog. The tone of the rant was one of “why should you get crowdfunding instead of doing the work? Where’s the hustle? The rest of us had to work hard and hustle to get our blogs launched”… a little bit of a “who do you think you are?” slant.

You might be thinking, big deal… someone ranted about something. I get it, really I do.

But let’s break this down a bit, shall we?

First of all, there was zero context or explanation about the crowdfunding campaign referenced. I would be curious to see what the campaign was all about, the reason behind the crowdfunding and what the blog topic or niche was that the person was trying to launch. As an example, if the blog was going to be about finding housing for the homeless in the United States (I just read a statistic this morning that there are over 4 million homeless people in the U.S and there are over 18 million homes sitting EMPTY), what would your initial thought be behind the crowdfunding campaign? All of a sudden there’s a different feel or vibe to it isn’t there?

Mind you… I’m not saying that crowdfunding needs to be for non-profit, charity, or social change (it’s awesome when it is but it’s just as awesome when it’s for something we don’t need and simply want. Case in point – the crowdfunding for the Exploding Kittens card game), but you get my point.

Would you like to know what my FIRST reaction to this little rant was?

“Wow. Someone’s bitter.”

I stated this in a recent guest post over at WP Elevation and it bears repeating here:

“When you love what you do and get paid what you’re worth you don’t waste time judging what other people do.”

When you rant, bitch or vent on social media it speaks VOLUMES about you.

NOT what you’re ranting, bitching or venting about.

I’m so, so, so very tired of people using social media to tell the world what they’re AGAINST.

Start sharing with the world what you are FOR.

Let’s look at the recent passing of gay marriage in the United States (and if you comment about gay marriage one way or the other here it will be deleted. I will NEVER get into a political or moral debate with anyone. #justsayin). The difference between people posting their beliefs for LOVE vs. people who posted beliefs for HATE (and this occurred from both sides of this issue) was fascinating.

It makes me think of a quote by Mother Theresa (and I’m paraphrasing here) about the Vietnam war.

She was asked if she would march against the war.

Her answer was No.

But she said she WOULD march FOR peace.

See the difference?

If you believe strongly in something or have an opinion, share the ‘for’ side, not the ‘against’.

It’s much more powerful and says SO much more about who you are.

All of this ties directly in with the ‘vulnerability movement’ that Brene’ Brown started a few years ago with her TED talk (I don’t know if it’s a movement, but it sounded good didn’t it? πŸ™‚ ). We’re quick to shame people and it’s unfortunate.

We all want to matter.

Know that we’re heard.

And much like her reference to the Theodore Roosevelt quote in her last book ‘Daring Greatly’, the courage goes to the man IN the arena. Not the bystanders outside of the arena chanting, yelling, and shouting.

Which brings me full circle to being ‘socially stumped’.

“STOP using social media to show the world your ignorance.”

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  1. Oh wow kim I love this so much. I can be such a hothead sometimes and have been this person numerous times. And almost every single time I regret it later. I have really tried to adopt a policy of not saying anything if I have nothing nice to say and I think I’m doing alright. The truth is, I DON’T want to be a hater and I do want to ‘march for peace.’ Just gotta keep calming that hothead! πŸ˜‰ Love these quotes!

    1. Thanks Marianne!
      Yea, it’s easy to go down the hothead road until you realize you’re the one choosing to make yourself miserable (our ego SO wants to be right). This has probably been one of the most freeing things I’ve done (well, am learning to do. I think this will be something I’m practicing for the rest of my life!).
      Mother Teresa’s quotes are humbling to say the least. πŸ™‚

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