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social warfare

Social Warfare is one of those plugins that you need to dive a little deeper into so you can understand what makes it different than all the other social sharing plugins.

I had actually bought Social Warfare a while ago, had an issue and forgot to go back to it (issue was nothing major). Like many of you I’m sure, I’ve tried multiple different social media plugins over the years. Not all the social media plugins have the same result (some are for sharing, some are for connecting, some are for data… you get the picture).

Part of making the most of any plugin that you use is understanding the bigger picture/ end result. In this case, it’s not just about having options for social sharing on your site. It’s about understanding how the different social media platforms work, what works better on different social networks and how you can maximize them for connection and results.

Not only did I have a great time talking with Dustin, I learned a ton from all of his wisdom and experience.

[clickToTweet tweet=”After 1 month of optimizing my Pinterest images, traffic from Pinterest increased 300%. @warfareplugins” quote=”After 1 month of optimizing my Pinterest images, traffic from Pinterest increased 300%. ” theme=”style6″]

Questions I Asked Dustin

  1. Before we get into Social Warfare, can you share your background with the listeners?
  2. How did Warfare Plugins come about?
  3. Social Warfare is a popular plugin – what made you guys decide another social sharing plugin was needed?
  4. What were some of the challenges & struggles in launching a premium plugin company?
  5. What would you recommend to someone in this space?
  6. What’s your business philosophy?
  7. What’s on the horizon for Warfare Plugins?

Wait until you hear the simple thing that made a huge difference with the Pinterest sharing feature in Social Warfare. Initially Dustin wasn’t putting too much attention on Pinterest. Until he learned what he needed to do differently with Pinterest. He implemented a few changes that were recommended to him by friends in the social media space and saw a HUGE difference in the traffic from Pinterest.

Within 1 month he saw a 300% increase. A year later he saw 1000% increase in his traffic from Pinterest.

What I want to point out with this is we’re not just talking about shares… we’re talking about traffic. Which every website needs.

What You’re Going to Learn

  • How Social Warfare doesn’t slow down your website
  • The biggest issues Dustin wanted to solve with Social Warfare (what made it different)
  • The human psychology behind Social Warfare (and why it works so well)
  • How Dustin became a well known name and trusted authority in social media and content creation
  • Who influenced Dustin and how his own personal journey was the driving force
  • Why Dustin feels every piece of content should be written for one person
[clickToTweet tweet=”If you start your business with only a product, you’re going to fail. @socialwarfare” quote=”If you start your business with only a product, you’re going to fail. @socialwarfare” theme=”style6″] [divider top=”no” divider_color=”#bcbcbc” size=”2″][divider top=”no” size=”2″ margin=”30″][/divider]

Where to Connect with Dustin & the Social Warfare Team

Website | Facebook  | Twitter

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  1. Naman Modi on September 18, 2018 at 12:24 pm

    Compared to other sharing plugins, Social Warfare Pro has outdone itself. No other social sharing tool can provide great features such as social optimization tools, twitter share count, click to tweet features, and twitter cards. I give this plugin thumbs up to its developers. It has been my choice, and have used it for years hence, am sure it will be yours too. Get it to maximize your WordPress website or blog experience.

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