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Happy May friends!

I can’t believe we’re in the 5th month of the year already! Time is flying.

I just got back from an amazingly beautiful weekend in Mendocino, CA. Mendocino has a tendency to be a little overcast, foggy, and cool.

Not this weekend.

The sun was out, the temperature was perfect and I got to catch up with a lifelong friend. Not too shabby!

Taking time away from my business (and life) always recharges me.

The changes I’ve made in my business this year have created a lot more freedom for me (i.e., time). I knew where I was headed with what I would be offering but the simplifying continues every day.

[clickToTweet tweet=”One of my primary goals for 2017 was to put more automation in place for my business. ” quote=”One of my primary goals for 2017 was to put more automation in place for my business. ” theme=”style6″]

One of my primary goals for 2017 was to put more automation in place.

We have so many ways to keep things moving in our businesses but sometimes it’s hard to get out of the day-to-day and put the correct systems in place.

In one of the recent podcast episodes, I shared how I’ve taken the time to go in and clean up my Active Campaign lists and tags, and put a few follow-up sequences in place.

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I used to have these in place, but once I started doing the daily email I knew I’d have to dig in and set things up so new subscribers didn’t receive the daily email until they had completed the initial email sequence.

I put it off far too long and finally bit the bullet.

My engagement rate for my email went up 10%.


Not earth shattering news, but when you can see the results of your efforts it validates taking the time to build a solid foundation.

Of course, the email sequences also send people back to my site so my traffic has increased as well.

None of this gets in the way of building a relationship with my audience.

Quite the contrary.

When people hear from you frequently (and consistently), you’re building the relationship.

Since automation was a goal of mine I am constantly on the lookout for tools that will help me accomplish this.

Not new tactics, but for activities I’m already doing (ex: I’m not going to jump into something for Tumblr because I don’t use it).

Enter Missinglettr.

You guys know I’m a huge fan of CoSchedule for the editorial calendar and social sharing. It’s great and I use it every day.

While it allows me to schedule my content sharing (and add it to ReQueue), it doesn’t create social content for me.

Missing Lettr does just that.

It pulls your content into the app, then creates a social campaign for you based on your content. It creates images and content based on your post (the images are quote images and images pulled from your site).

I’ve got over 400 campaigns to go through for The WP Chick (obviously  I won’t use them all, some are probably pretty dated and not relevant), but SO worth it.

Right now the tool works with Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+. Facebook is coming (this week I think) and Pinterest is down the road.

Check out the RoadMap for Missingletter (found this after I did the video):


I love this tool so much that I’ve already scheduled a podcast interview with the founder.

There are two days left on the AppSumo deal (expires May 2nd, 2017)… you know me and my AppSumo lifetime deals!

Get Missinglettr here

Here’s a video overview of Missinglettr

Download the Content Upgrade 

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