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Social Campaigns on automation sounded like a little more hype than I was interested in, but after a friend told me I should take a look at it I did.

And I was HOOKED.

Everyone knows I’m a user and fan of CoSchedule, so part of me thought, “do I really need another social tool?”

When it’s Missinglettr, the answer is yes. I do need another social tool. I did a quick review and post of Missinglettr when I signed up.Benjamin Dell Missinglettr

As soon as I signed up I knew I wanted to talk with Benjamin Dell, the founder of Missingletter.

Before we get into the interview, let me give you the quick overview of what Missinglettr is and does.

First, it pulls your content into the platform (Missinglettr is a web app, not a WordPress plugin). You can edit your settings so that as soon as you hit publish on your site it’s automatically pulled into Missinglettr. Then Missinglettr goes to work behind the scenes creating a social campaign for you. I’ve set it so that as soon as the campaign is ready I get a notification from Missinglettr that my “campaign is ready”. This is where the magic happens.

You log into your account and can now preview your campaign.

The first step is to review the recommended hashtags. Missinglettr will pull these from your content but you can edit, delete, or add new ones (I tend to edit this every time). Once you’ve approved your hashtags, the next step is to review the campaign that was created for you. The image below shows you how many campaigns that have been created and are ready for review:

social campaigns

Once you select the campaign to review you’ll get the messages that Missinglettr has created for you (there are 9 pieces of content that are scheduled to go out over the next year. And you get to edit them so it’s not the same message going out over and over):

content review

Once you edit and approve your messages then you’re done!

You get to go about your business and let your content go to your social networks on auto pilot.

O.K., let’s jump into the interview.

Questions I Asked Ben

  1. As much as I’d love to dive straight into Missinglettr, I’d love to hear your story and what lead you to develop Missinglettr.
  2. Can you explain what Missinglettr is?
  3. What gave you the idea?
  4. How long was it from idea to MVP?
  5. I love your blog strategy (they use contributing bloggers). What made you decide to approach your blog this way?
  6. How have you guys been marketing Missinglettr?

What You’re Going to Learn

  • What the development roadmap was for Missinglettr
  • What current features exist
  • What social networks are connected to Missinglettr (note: at the time of the recording, Facebook wasn’t connected. It is now)
  • When the calendar view is coming
  • How they’re going to incorporate more images and more compatibility with WordPress
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Where to Connect

Website | Facebook | Twitter


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