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Snappa is one of those tools that you wonder ‘where have you been all my life?’

No, it doesn’t do your laundry or cook dinner for you (look to the future of robots for that), but it makes creating images for your posts and social sharing a breeze.


O.K., I have a confession to make.

(Once a Catholic, always a Catholic, huh? )

I felt a little guilty when I started playing with Snappa. It’s an AMAZING tool but I’ve talked a lot about how much I love Canva and felt like I was ‘cheating’ on Canva with Snappa (I do this with the visual page builders I use too. I know… silly).

Here’s the thing though.

As soon as I started really digging into Snappa I became a convert. Quickly.

I still use Canva for creating great PDFs or documents, but when it comes to all my social sharing images (and posts), I use Snappa. Their resizing feature makes it ridiculously easy to create images for multiple platforms. Needless to say I was super excited to connect with Chris Gimmer from Snappa for a podcast interview.

Questions I asked Chris

  1. I always ask this because I think there’s a ton of value in hearing what you’ve been through before you started your current business. What were you doing before you launched
  2. You have a co-founder, March Chouinard. How did you guys connect and decide to create Snappa?
  3. Is it still just the two of you?
  4. How did you guys go about getting this launched & marketed?
    1. Challenges?
    2. What would you do different?
    3. Recommendations to someone who wants to launch a SaaS product?
  5. There are othe rgraphic tools on the market today… what did you want Snappa to do that was different than some of the other tools available?
  6. How has the tool evolved?
  7. What’s on the horizon for Snappa?
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What You’re Going to Learn

  • The latest features that have been added to Snappa (and which one is my favorite)
  • What the tool used to be called (similar tool, different name… different UI)
  • The free image site they created that works in conjunction with this amazing tool
  • The web template company that Chris & his partner created and is still running today
  • Who they’ve partnered with to promote Snappa

Where to Connect with Chris & Snappa

Website | Facebook | Twitter

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