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While I don’t normally post ‘test’ posts, the reason for publishing this test post is a little different. It’s not just a test for me it’s a test for you as well as the creators of this plugin. This plugin was developed by Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income and his team. Pat has had a very successful Podcast for a couple years now and launched a second podcast called ‘Ask Pat’ and wanted a player that would better serve his audience.

I think this is BRILLIANT! 🙂 Pat launched the player last night for 250 beta users and plans to release the official 1.0 version at the end of July. I’ve found a few things that I’m going to send over for feedback as a beta user but I’d love to know what you think of the player? I’m thinking I’m going to have the player be ‘sticky’ at the top of my podcast category page.

[smart_podcast_player url=””]

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