The SINGLE Best Thing You Can Do For Your Business


Big claim, right?

Yep, it is. And it’s absolutely true. 

I was reading a book this morning (The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur) and the author, Mike Michalowicz, wrote something that reminded of those old V8 commercials… you know the ones, where someone hits themselves in the head and says “I coulda had a V8”!  Well, the part of his book that made me think about hitting myself in the head was his thoughts on List Posts and Books that have titles like “The 7 Irrefutable Laws, The Top 10, The 3 Most, etc….”.

He actually went to Amazon and started adding up all the business books that had these types of titles in them and gave up after 16 thousand! When you think of it that way, it makes them seem completely ridiculous, right?

BUT… they work.

The titles I mean, I can’t speak for the tips or lists themselves.List-Post

But that’s not what this post is about. It was my long roundabout way of calling attention to the fact that I used  “The SINGLE Best” in this post title. If you’ve been following me for any length of time you know I don’t write controversial posts or challenge opinions. Not because I don’t have them, but WordPress doesn’t tend to push my buttons that way. 😉

For the most part, I like list posts.

I haven’t come across a list post that is completely unique, but that’s fine. Different authors, different views. But none of these lists come close to this SINGLE thing that will change your business and life faster than any combination of these lists (save the item I’m going to share with you, because it’s included in many lists).

I’ve implemented this in a much more significant manner this year and it has TOTALLY changed my business.

So what is the SINGLE best thing I’ve done for my business this year?

Drumroll please….

I Decided to Focus on building relationships and engagement.

I know, nothing new here, right?

This is totally one of those things that you hear over and over and over again, but somehow it doesn’t seem like “work” (or maybe it does and that’s why you haven’t done it?) and it’s much easier to be “busy” with the things that do feel like work.

And by easier I mean safer.

I was having a conversation with a client about a month ago and we were talking about her site and her brand. She’s one of those people that you talk to and think “more people should know about you” and so you start asking how they do things. Eventually our conversation turned to social media and sharing other people’s stuff (content, videos, podcast, pictures… whatever). Mind you, I’m hardly saying I do this as consistently as I should or with the best strategy in place (I’m working on that), but you have to do it. O.k., back to my client. She asked me one question that let me know right away what was blocking her and why more people didn’t know who she was.

“What if my efforts aren’t reciprocated?”

Now before you get all judgy here, let’s agree on one thing. It’s a natural thought to want something in return for your efforts, even if it’s just a “Thanks for Sharing”. The problem is that when you operate from a place of fear then you’ll pay a much bigger price than lack of reciprocation for sharing someone’s content.

Think about it this way.

When you go out to eat or go to a movie and then share that information with someone you think could benefit (family, friends, whoever), are you expecting the restaurant or movie studio to do something for you?

Of course not! You’re sharing because you think it will help the person you’re sharing it with.

Which is what I’m asking YOU to start doing.

Share other people’s stuff.

Which will absolutely have a HUGE impact on the relationships you NEED (notice I didn’t say “want”) to build to grow your business!

Queue storytime…

So in the past few months I’ve joined two communities:

[icon name=icon-group]Fizzle

[icon name=icon-group]How to Connect With Anyone

(I can’t decide if those icons look like a group or one person with a bad attempt at a Princess Leia hairdo. It’s supposed to be a group)

How to Connect With Anyone

How to Connect With AnyoneI literally just joined Connect With Anyone last week. This is a course by Scott Dinsmore and his team over at I had wanted to sign up for this course the last time it was offered (and for the life of me can’t remember why I didn’t now) so the second I saw it was opening up and he was giving early access to his list I hopped on the webinar, credit card in hand (literally).

One of the things that attracted me to this course (besides the content and the fact that the people behind “Live Your Legend” are just fantastic) was that they put you in a Mastermind group! I don’t mean randomly selecting people based on one criteria or another, I mean you fill out a form and Liz Seda (part of the team) goes through EVERY entry and personally puts you in a Mastermind group of like minded people. HELLO! I’m wrapping up Module 1 and hope to get the Mastermind assignment SOON! (which is funny because life is REALLY busy right now, but there is truth to busy people getting things done, for what that’s worth).

Here’s what has occurred in ONE week in Connect With Anyone:

  • Tons of welcome messages (and not just a standard, ‘welcome to the community’. Comments on personal notes and goals I shared!)
  • Potential opportunity to apply to speak at a conference in Sydney next year
  • Connection with a fellow community member who also has a cartoon voice he speaks in (honestly don’t know if there is a recording of me doing my cartoon voice here?)
  • Challenge to post a recording of my cartoon voice (challenge accepted)
  • Potential in person meetup at NMX in January in Vegas (I am absolutely going this year)

That may not seem like a lot to some people, but that is ONE WEEK IN! And I’ve not been as active in the forum as I’d like to be (I’m always figuring the time thing out, it is what it is). Can you imagine what type of results I can end up with after three months of participating in this course? I KNOW! (you have to say that like “Monica” from “Friends”). I’ll keep you updated throughout the course, but needless to say I’m super excited.

Onto Fizzle

Fizzle-Community-LogoI’ve been in Fizzle for three months now and have been a little more active in the community (again, not as active as I’d like to be, but with both groups I’m certainly putting more in than I used to). I’ve talked a bit about Fizzle in a previous post, but if you’re not sure what Fizzle is it’s an online community with training and forums created by the team over at And it’s an AWESOME community! Besides tons of valuable content (two of my favorite courses so far are: Essentials of Web Design for Business Builders and Defining Your Audience, and no, it’s not just because I think Chase Reeves is hysterical, which he is), here’s a few things that have occurred in my short time in Fizzle:

  • 2 New website clients- both amazing people with awesome things to share and offer the world
  • A Mastermind group of people who want to go “ALL In” in their businesses
  • I’m organizing a Meetup in Edinburgh Scotland for Oct. 5th to connect with some Fizzlers in PERSON! (How freakin’ cool is THAT?)
  • A couple potential Podcast interviews! (I’ll do the interviewing)

Not too shabby if I do say so myself!

In my Fizzle Mastermind one of the members said, “You seem a little further along than most of us, how can we help you?”

My answer?

“Just share my stuff”.

I’m not worried about it. I trust that the right people show up at the right time and usually when I do this it comes back to me tenfold.

Here’s my simple, easy challenge to you… TODAY!

When you come across something valuable (any type of content, ie, blog post, video, podcast, image, etc.) SHARE it with your audience! Tag the creator and use appropriate hashtags. Focus on sharing valuable content on your social sites that isn’t created by you and watch and see what shows up. I can guarantee you’ll start building relationships before you know it.

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  1. Hi Kim, thanks for the great post. I briefly checked out Fizzle from your previous post as I’m looking for something new as my coaching with Ali Brown’s Elevate has come to an end. I think I’ll give it a second look. Thanks again for the great content, and your relationship building on social media definitely works!!

    1. Hi Torey,
      Thanks so much – and it’s good to know the relationship building is working. It always seems like there’s never enough time in the day to get it all done, y’know? 😉
      I’d definitely give Fizzle another look (they had a $1 trial up for a while, not sure if it’s still there). Everyone in the community is great and the training is really valuable. Make sure to say hi inside if you join. 😉

  2. Thanks for this reminder, Kim! As we had talked about before, building solid relationships is something that I’ve struggled with. But in recent months, this is something that I’m currently working on as well — with new and existing relationships. I’m seeing a lot of good fruit produced out my efforts, and (surprise, surprise) even new business and potential partnerships for the future! You’re awesome, Kim. Keep up the great work and inspiring us all!

    1. Aww… thanks Emily! 😉
      I’ve struggled with it myself (and still kind of do). It’s easy to get caught up with things that feel more like work, but the more effort we put into building solid relationships the more our ‘work’ flows. I’m sure there’s a universal law in there somewhere. 🙂 Can’t wait to hear about the new business & potential partnerships!

  3. We are so on the same wavelength these days! (by the way, that’s for the mention a couple of podcasts ago!)
    I just squeaked into a social networking lunch (@SMLunch and today that was held at the Seahawks stadium (dig, dig…LOL!). I reached out to as many people as I could to find a ticket for this sold out event and boy, was it worth it! I took my biz cards and met lots of great people from all walks of life, not just web designers. BobWP was there and we chatted a while about the value of physical biz cards (a topic for a future post). I took my first WP class from him when he was still doing in-person classes. This evening I’ll be attending the Seattle WordPress Meetup. I love going to hang out with the newbies to find out what their problems and pain points are and try to help them (and pass out my card so they can hire me later on!)

    1. This is going to be a LONG football season, isn’t it? haha… (commented on your photo on FB… hee hee… great pic though).
      Kudos to you for going out to an event and being determined to get in! Your point about meeting great people from all walks of life was a great reminder to me- sometimes you just need to try new things and put yourself in situations that might be a little outside of your comfort zone.
      I’m determined to hit a lot more events in 2014.

      BobWP is awesome! He’s my next podcast interview (will be published tomorrow). We met at WordCamp SF, great guy! This is totally like 6 degrees of separation! haha…

      We’ll have to connect in person next year for sure!

  4. hey Kim, as always great, lively post! as you already know, I share a lot of stuff, but it didn’t occur to me ( for some reason) to tag the person and use hashtags. duh. I guess there’s my V8 moment lol.

    1. Thanks Marianne,
      Haha… Love your V8 moment!
      That was me too (not thinking to tag the person I mentioned or whose content I was sharing). Sometimes I think I’m a slow learner but then I realized that with each new thing I implement the timing is usually right in terms of when I implement it (that sentence sounded really backwards, but hopefully you know what I mean). I think allowing things to grow and happen organically is the best way to go about growing your business, while having a direction and taking daily action.

  5. You hit the nail on the head! I think there has been a huge shift over the past year or two moving people back to simplicity. For a few years we were lost in making things complicated or flashy now we are back to how can I make things easy and simple. This post has so many good tips, thank you!

    1. Hi Tonya,
      You’re most welcome! 😉 I’ve really been trying to focus on a user experience and building relationships, which makes you realize how many flashy and complicated things are just unnecessary. I think it will be an ongoing learning process but paying attention to this has made a HUGE difference in my business.
      Have a fabulous day!

  6. This was such a fabulous post- thank you so much Kim! I too, conduct interviews and I’m always looking for ways to not only bring more traffic, but cultivate relationships. I’m so glad I stumbled on your site via Pinterest! 🙂 Happy new year! Candi

    1. Hi Candi,
      You’re most welcome, and thanks for the kind words.
      It took me a long time to get how valuable cultivating relationships is (heard it a lot, but hesitated to really step into it… BEST thing I ever did).
      Happy New Year to you too!
      Looking forward to connecting more with you.

  7. Thanks for this post, Kim.

    I agree that mostly, people don’t share good content that they find, because of the “reciprocity” factor; i.e. what do I get in return.

    In truth I’m finding the exact opposite. When I share other people’s material, and reference them, it brings me attention. In very good ways, too.

    Everyone has their different opinions, and their own “thing”, but we often need others to champion our cause or spread our message.

    That’s why it makes sense to spread someone else’s message. Then, others will have a reason to spread ours….point is, I’ve now learned to share things based on the value that I see in them. Without expectation, or agenda. Sharing is more powerful that way.

    I’m sharing this!

    1. My pleasure CJ.
      I totally agree with you also about sharing other peoples content! When I find something that provides value for my audience I’m happy to share it.
      The biggest reward in doing this are the relationships that can come out of all this. It can be easy to get caught up in the day to day of our own businesses that we miss out on some amazing people.

      I love what you said about everyone having different opinions but needing others to champion our cause or spread our message. I love it.
      Thanks so much Cj!

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